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Default MasterCAM X Update

As posted at

"We know a lot of information has been circulating recently about the
status of Mastercam X. We're here to set the record straight and give
you the correct information. So here's the official announcement.

The Mastercam X CD was released for duplication last Friday (July 15).
It will take a few weeks for the over 16,000 systems for our
Maintenance customers to be duplicated, packaged and shipped to our
Reseller channel. Your reseller will first receive a few copies for
their office use and then several weeks later receive all the copies
for their Maintenance customers. If you are an international customer
that has enjoyed using a localized version of Mastercam, there may be
an additional time period before you receive Mastercam X in your local
language from your Reseller.

Please do not flood your local reseller with phone calls and e-mails
asking, "Where is my X package?" They're working hard to prepare
training and support personnel so they're ready to help you when you
do receive Mastercam X. Each reseller has developed plans for
distribution of the Mastercam X product. As soon as they are available,
the reseller will begin distribution to all Maintenance customers.
Please don't be concerned if you learn that some customers are
getting their Mastercam X before you do. In addition to localization,
the realities of distance and resources play a significant role as to
when each customer gets their system.

In the meantime, to get a sneak preview of what Mastercam X has to
offer, click on the link below to view our "Introducing Mastercam
X" video.

We appreciate all of your patience and feedback throughout this long
process. We believe you will find that Mastercam X has been worth the
wait. We are really excited about this product and we know you will be,

Steve Bertrand
CNC Software, Inc."

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On 19 Jul 2005 17:19:43 -0700, "jon_banquer"


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sittingduck wrote:
jon_banquer wrote:

In the meantime, to get a sneak preview of what Mastercam X has to
offer, click on the link below to view our "Introducing Mastercam
X" video.

Looks like they finally did away with the ancient GUI.
It will probaby take a while to get used to the new setup. Wonder if they
made it less processor intensive?

Geometry creation has taken a major step forward in MasterCAM X

Backplotting looks to be state of the art in MasterCAM X.

Verify still looks to be far, far behind other CAD/CAM system even
though MasterCAM uses the MachineWorks component that many other
CAD/CAM systems use. Not sure why CNC Software continues to do such a
poor job with MachineWorks compared to other CAD/CAM systems using the
same component.

The UI in MasterCAM X IMO is a major step forward although long time
users like BD will hate it. Even though it's a major step forward, it's
not as good as the approach taken by VX with VX 11's one toolbar that
has tabs which radically cleans up the screen should someone desire
this. Shouldn't be that hard in future versions to do what VX has shown
they can do with VX 11 with the one toolbar approach with tabs if CNC
Software chooses to do so.

IMO the big factor is that MasterCAM X is probably good enough to help
CNC Software increase their market share because their competitors have
never learned how to market like CNC Software does.

MasterCAM X should slow sales of Gibbs because of Gibbs continued poor
geometry creation. The same is true to a slightly lesser extent with
SURFCAM sales as SURFWARE moves more and more to CAM only.... a huge
mistake IMO. FeatureCAM will also have a much tougher time because
DelCAM does not appear to have a clue on how to properly market in the
U.S. compared to CNC Software.

MasterCAM X capabilities to do hybrid modeling well are still unknown
to me.

I'm sure we will know much more in the coming weeks / months.

What I have seen so far represents a realistic progression rather than
unrealistic expectations to go from where MasterCAM 9 was.

The potential of MasterCAM X to continue to get better and effect
things like sales of SolidWorks, Alibre, SolidEdge, etc. for those who
need basic solid modeling is significant because of the person CNC
Software hired a few months back.... Steve Masterangelo... who is the
owner of A3DS and who is a decent Parasolid developer.

MasterCAM X will force it's competitors to raise the bar as they lose
market share. Nothing wrong with this as the CADCAM market needs the
push that MasterCAM X will provide.

Looks to me like CNC Software has done the best job possible. The big
question I have is how good can they get the CAD end and how fast ? Can
CNC software come up with a decent hybrid modeler even though this is
not Steve
Masterangelo's track record with A3DS ?

Next important release for the market IMO should be VX 11. Like
MasterCAM, VX's focus is on it's UI. The big difference is that VX is
far ahead modeling wise compared to MasterCAM X. Should not take a lot
to get VX to be close / better than MasterCAM on the CAM end.

One of the truly nice things about MasterCAM X is that unlike
SaladWorks CNC Software does not try and be AutoCAD like.


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On 19 Jul 2005 20:23:35 -0700, "jon_banquer"


Where did you copy that stuff from?
LOL ...
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On 19 Jul 2005 20:23:35 -0700, "jon_banquer"


Nerve gas cramps?

BTW, Does some CAD/CAM firm have a court order out against you?
Which one(s)?

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over 16,000 systems .....

what they do lose 60,000 + customers.. all that talk about 80,000
where did they go???

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I believe only 16,000 of them are Maintenance customers.

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J. R. Carroll
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"Joe788" wrote in message
I believe only 16,000 of them are Maintenance customers.

X will be a great opportunity for the reseller channel to make some money
upgrading customers.

John R. Carroll
Machining Solution Software, Inc.
Los Angeles San Francisco

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