Electronics Repair (sci.electronics.repair) Discussion of repairing electronic equipment. Topics include requests for assistance, where to obtain servicing information and parts, techniques for diagnosis and repair, and annecdotes about success, failures and problems.

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Old January 14th 05, 03:05 PM
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Default CAX,CAD,CAM,CAE,electronics,EDA.LSI,PCB,FPGA,VHDL,&Other Design CDs ::::::: , updated 12/Jan/2005

CAX,CAD,CAM,CAE,electronics,EDA.LSI,PCB,FPGA,VHDL, &Other Design CDs
::::::: , updated 12/Jan/2005

ABAQUS.v6.5-1 3CD
ABB PickMaster v2.31 1CD
ABB.Robotstudio.V3.1 1CD
Abvent PhotoCAD v1.0 1CD
Abvent Zoom GDL v2.1 1CD
Accelrys Materials Studio v3.01 1CD
Accelrys.Materials.Studio.Modeling.3.1 1CD
Actify SpinFire Complete Pro v2004 1CD
Ascential Quality Stage Designer v7.0 1CD
ADAPT Builder Modeler.v1.01 1CD
ADINA System v8.1 1CD
Adaptsoft ADAPT Builder v1.11 1CD
AdapSoft ADAPT PT v6.15 1CD
Adaptsoft Adapt PT v6.18 1CD
Adaptsoft Adapt ABI V4.05 1CD
Adem.v7.1 1CD
Adina System v 7.5.4 1CD
Adina System v8.07 1CD
Advance.Graitec.V4.2.Multilanguage 1CD
Aea CFX v5.5.1 1CD
AEA Technology CFX v4.4 1CD
AEA Technology Hyprotech HYSYS v3.0.1 1CD
Aegis.Acsl.Xtreme.V1.3.2 1CD
Agilent 89600 Series Vector Signal Analyzers 3.01A 1CD
Agilent Advanced Design System V2001 1CD
Agilent Advanced Design System v2002C 2CD
Agilent.Advanced.Design.System.2002 2CD
Agilent Advanced Design System 2003A 2CD
Agilent.Advanced.Design.System.v2004A 2CD
Agilent IC-CAP v2002 1CD
Agilent.VEE.PRO.v6.2 1CD
Aicon.3D.Studio.v3.5 1CD
Aldec.Active-HDL.v.5.1 1CD
Aldec Active HDL v6.1 1CD
Aldec.Active-HDL.v6.1 Retail 1CD
Aldec Active HDL v6.1 SP1 1CD
Aldec.Active.HDL.V6.1.SP2 1CD
Aldec.Active-HDL v6.2 1CD
Alibre.Design.Professional.V7.0 1CD
Algor v14.0 1CD
ALGOR v16.0 1CD
Altair HyperWorks v7.0 1CD
Altair HyperWorks 6.0 with SP2 1CD
Altair Hyperworks v6.0 1CD
Altera Max Plus II V10.2 1CD
Altera.Quartus.II.v4.2 1CD
Altera.Quartus II v4.1 1CD
Altera.Quartus II v4.0 1CD
Altera Quartus II v3.0 1CD
Alticast.AltiComposer.V2 1CD
Altris.EB.Suite.V12.5 1CD
Altium DXP Suite V2004 1CD
Alturion.GPS.Professional.With.European.Maps.v6.0 1DVD
Alturion.GPS.Professional.v6.0 2CD
Alturion.GPS.Professional.v5.3 1CD
Alturion.GPS.Standard.5.0 1CD
Alturion.GPS.Professional.v5.2 1CD
Alturion.GPS.European.Maps.v5.2 3CD
Alventive.Ironcad.Authoring.Engine.V2.0.Sp2 1CD
AMESim.v4.0 WinNT2000XP 1CD
AMESim.V4.1 1CD
Amiable.FlexiSIGN.Family.Pro.v7.5.R5 1CD
Amiable.FlexiSIGN.Family.Pro.v7.5.R4 1CD
Amiable.Flexsign.Family.Pro.v7.5v2 2CD
AMTECH.ProDesign.NEC.V9.2.5 1CD
Analytical Graphics.STK.Pro.v5.0 1CD
Ansoft Designer v1.0 1CD
Ansoft.Designer.v1.1 1CD
Ansoft Maxwell v9.0 1CD
AnSoft.Simplorer.v5.0 1CD
Ansoft Simplorer v6.0 2CD
Ansoft Ensemble V8.0 1CD
Ansoft HFSS v9.0 1CD
Ansoft.HFSS.v9.1 1CD
Ansoft HFSS v9.2 1CD
Ansoft Pexprt v5.0 1CD
Ansoft.Serenade.Design.Environment_v8.7 1CD
ANSYS.v9.0(Win/Linux) 2CD
ANSYS.V8.1(Win/Linux) 2CD
ANSYS.CFX.v5.7.1(Win/Linux) 2CD
Ansys.CFX.Tascflow.v2.12.2(XP/NT/Linux) 3CD
ANSYS CFX-TurboGrid v2.21(Win/Linux) 2CD
Ansys.CFX.RIF.v1.4.1 1CD
Ansys Design Space v6.0.1 SP1 1CD
Ansys.AI.Enviroment.v2.0 1CD
Ansys AI Nastran v1.0 1CD
Ansys.Emax.v8.0 1CD
Ansys.Heal.v8.1 1CD
Ansys.ICEM.CFD.v5.0 1CD
Ansys.ICEM.CFD.v5.0.Linux 1CD
Ansys ICEM CFD v4.3.1 1CD
Ansys ICEM CFD for CFX v1.0 1CD
ANSYS ICEM CFD v5.1(Win/Linux) 2CD
Ansys Pro Fea for Linux 1CD
ANSYS ParaMesh.V2.3 1CD
Ansys.Paramesh.v3.0 1CD
ANSYS.Workbench.Suite.v9.0 1CD
ANSYS.Workbench.Suite.V8.1 1CD
Anvil.Express.v4.0 1CD
Applix Integra v1.21 1CD
Applix Integra v1.2.2 1CD
Arc Plus Progress v3.0 1CD
Arturia.Storm.v2.0 1CD
Ascential Metarecon v6.01 R2 1CD
Ascential MetaStage v7.0 R4 1CD
Ascential Quality Stage Designer v7.0 1CD
AspenTech.Aspen.Engineering.Suite.v11.1.SP1 1CD
AspenTech.Aspen.ICARUS.Products.v12.0 1CD
Auto Manager Workflow 6.3 1CD
AutoCAD 2002 2CD
AutoCAD.2002.Bible 1CD
Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004 2CD
Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 3CD
Autodesk Architectural Desktop R3 3 Iso 2CD
Autodesk AutoCAD 2004 1CD
Autodesk AutoCAD 2004 RTM Chinese version 1CD
Autodesk AutoCAD 2005 1CD
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2004 1CD
Autodesk.AutoCAD.Electrical.v2005 1CD
Autodesk Autocad Lt 2002 Iso 2CD
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2004 1CD
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 1CD
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 DX 1CD
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2004 GERMAN 1CD
Autodesk.AutoCAD.Mechanical.v2005 1CD
Autodesk.AutoSketch.9 1CD
Autodesk Building System R3 1CD
Autodesk Building Systems 2004 3CD
Autodesk Building Systems 2005 4CD
Autodesk Cadblocks 5 0 2CD
Autodesk.Civil.3D.2005 2CD
Autodesk Civil 3D 2004 R1 1CD
Autodesk Civil 3D v2004 1CD
Autodesk Civil Design 2004 1CD
Autodesk Civil Design 2004 R1 1CD
Autodesk Civil Design 2005 1CD
Autodesk Civil Series v3 3CD
Autodesk Composer 2005 1CD
Autodesk Envision v8 0 1CD
Autodesk Envision v8 0 GERMAN 1CD
Autodesk.Inventor.v9.Design.Accelerator.Preview 1CD
Autodesk Inventor M5 5000 5052A 1CD
Autodesk.Inventor.Professional.v9.0 3CD
Autodesk.Inventor.Series.v9.0 2CD
Autodesk Inventor Professional v8 0 3CD
Autodesk Inventor Series 7 SimpChinese RTM Edition 2CD
Autodesk Inventor v7 0 GERMAN 1CD
Autodesk Inventor Pro v7 0 3CD
Autodesk Inventor Series V6 0 2CD
Autodesk Inventor Series v5 0 3CD
Autodesk Land Desktop 2004 1CD
Autodesk Land Desktop 2004 R1 1CD
Autodesk Land Desktop 2005 2CD
Autodesk Map 2004 1CD
Autodesk Map 3D 2005 2CD
Autodesk Map Guide Lite View v6 0 1CD
Autodesk Map Guide v6 0 1CD
Autodesk MAP Series 5 3CD
Autodesk Map V6 0 Final 2CD
Autodesk MapGuide v6 313 2CD
Autodesk MapGuide v6 5 2CD
Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2004 1CD
Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2004 GERMAN 1CD
Autodesk Onsite Desktop v7 0 1CD
Autodesk OnSite Enterprise 2 5 1CD
Autodesk Pre-Plan v1 0 1CD
Autodesk.Productstream.v2 1CD
Autodesk QuickCAD 8 0 1CD
Autodesk Raster Design 2004 1CD
Autodesk Raster Design 2005 1CD
Autodesk Raster Design 3 1CD
Autodesk Revit Series v6 1 1CD
Autodesk Revit v7.0 1CD
Autodesk Survey 2004 1CD
Autodesk Survey 2005 1CD
Autodesk.Vault.v3.0 1CD
Autodesk VIZ 2005 2CD
Autodesk Volo View v3 0 1CD
Automation.Studio.v5.0.Pro 1CD
AutoSketch Release 8 1CD
Auto-Tech Encyclopedia 2002 1CD
AV-Works v2.1 for Archicad Hybrid 1CD
Avanti Saber Designer 2001.2 1CD
AVL Fire v8.2 1CD
AVL.Fire.v8.31 1CD
Avl Swift v3.1.1 1CD
AVL.Workspace.Suite.v3.1.1 1CD
AVL Workspace Suite v4.0 1CD
B and W EMX v3.1 For Pro Engineer 1CD
B and W Expert Profiles v2.1 for ProEngineer 1CD
Bentley Explorer 2004 1CD
Bentley.MicroStation.v8-2004.Edition 1CD
Bentley Microstation 8 FINAL 1CD
Bentley.Microstation.v8.1 1CD
Bentley Microstation J v7.2 1CD
Bentley.Microstation.J.V7.02.04.18 1CD
Bentley.Microstation.V8.0.01.19 1CD
Bentley.Microstation.v8.RC1 1CD
Bentley.MX.International.v08.05.00.80 1CD
Bentley.MX.United.Kingdom.v08.05.00.80 1CD
Bentley.MX.United.Kingdom.v08.05.01.02 1CD
Bentley.Projectwise.V3.2 2CD
Bentley.Projectwise.V3.8 2CD
Bentley RedLine v8.1 1CD
Bentley.Viecon.Publisher.v3.0 1CD
Blue.Ridge.Numerics.CFDesign.v7.0 1CD
Boston Dynamics DI-GUY v5.0 1CD
Breault ASAP v7.5 1CD
Breault.ASAP.v7.5.2 1CD
Breault.ASAP.v8.0 1CD
Broderbund 3D Home Design Suite Professional v5.0 1CD
Brocade.Fabric.Manager.V.3.0.2 1CD
Broderbund.Calendar.Creator.Deluxe.8 1CD
Cabinet.Vision.Solid.v3.5 1CD
Cad.Blocks 3CD
Cadenas.Partsolution.v8.0.23.Multilanguage 1CD
Cadenas.PARTsolutions.V8.0.20.Multilanguage 4CD
Cadence IC Design v5.0 Linux 2CD
Cadence LDV v3.3 1CD
Cadence Logic Design and Verification v4.0 1CD
Cadence.Logic Design and Verification.V5.0 1CD
Cadence.Logic.Design.and.Verification.v5.1 1CD
Cadence OrCad 9.23 Unison Suite 1CD
Cadence Orcad Unison Suite Pro v10.0 1CD
Cadence.OrCAD.Unison.Suite.Pro.v10.3 1CD
Cadence PCB Design Studio V 14.1 3CD
Cadence PCB Design Studio v14.2 3CD
Cadence PCB Design Studio v15.0 3CD
Cadence PCB Design Studio v15.0 datacode 20030814 2CD
Cadence.PCB.Design.Studio.v15.1 3CD
Cadence.Silicon.Package.Board.Codesign.v15.2 3CD
Cadence Virtual Component Co-Design v2.2 1CD
CadFix v5.0
CADfix.v5.2 1CD
Cadison Pipes V4.12 1CD
CADkey WorkShop v21.0 1CD
Cadkey.Workshop.V21.5.Multilanguage 1CD
Cadlink.Engravelab.v6.1.Rev9 1CD
Cadlink.Signlab.e6.1.Rev13 1CD
Cadlink.Vision.Pro.V6 1CD
CADLink.SignLab.e6.1.Revision.6 1CD
Cads Hypersteel v7.1 SP1 1CD
Cadsoft Envisionner v1.0 1CD
Cadtrain.Pro.Engineering.Training 1CD
Cadvance 2002 1CD
CambridgeSoft.ChemOffice Ultra 2005 1CD
Camline.V7.15 1CD
Carlson.Survey.XML 1CD
Carlson Survcadd XML for AutoCAD v2.0 1CD
Carlson.SurvCADD.XML.for.AutoCAD 1CD
Cast.for.Unigraphics.v18.0 1CD
Catia.V5r7.D18.Developer.Multilanguage 1CD
Cats 2002 incl update 203 and CatsCalc R2 1CD
CC SolidDesigner 2001 v9.1.0.15 FINAL Build004 Multilanguage 1CD
Cei EnSight Gold v7.4.1q 1CD
CEI.Harpoon.v1.3 1CD
CFdesign.v 6.0 1CD
CFdesign v6.0 datacode 20030618 1CD
CFDRC.v2003 1CD
CFX.v5.6 2CD
CFX v5.6 SP1 1CD
CFX Tascflow v 2.12 Win & Linux 2CD
CGTECH Vericut 5.2 1CD
ChemOffice.Ultra.2004 1CD
ChemStations ChemCAD v5.2 Pro 1CD
ChemStations.ChemCAD.v5.1.3.Pro 1CD
Chemstations.Chemcad.V5.1.Pro 1CD
Chief.Architect.v8.0 2CD
Chief Architect v9.0 1CD
Chief.Architect.v9.5 1CD
CIM-TEAM.E3 Series v2004.330 1CD
CIM-Team E3.series V2004 1CD
Cimatron Elite v4.21 1CD
Cimatron Elite v4.2 1CD
Cimatron Elite v4.0 1CD
Cimatrion Elite v5.0 1CD
Cimatron.Elite.v5.02.final 1CD
Cimatron.ELITE.V5.1 1CD
Cimatron.ELITE.v6.0 1CD
Cimatron IT v12 final 1CD
Cimatron IT v12.2 1CD
Cimatron IT v13.0 1CD
Cimatron IT v13.1 1CD
Cimatron QuickNC v4.1 1CD
Cimatron.Quick.NC.v4.03 1CD
Cimatron QuickNC v4.0 1CD
Cimatron Quick NC v3.0 1CD
Cocreate.Net.Model.Explorer.2004.v12.0 1CD
Cocreate Onespace Data Management v12.0 1CD
Cocreate.Onespace.Designer.Drafting.v12.0 1CD
Cocreate.Onespace.Designer.Modeling.2004.v12.0 1CD
CoCreate.OneSpace.Solution.Suite.2002.plus.v11.60 1CD
CoCreate.OneSpace.Designer.Modeling.2002.Plus.V11. 60B.Multilanguage 1CD
CoCreate.OneSpace.Collaboration.Client.v11.61 1CD
CoCreate.OneSpace.Collaboration.Server.v11.61 1CD
CoCreate.OneSpace.Personal.Collaboration.Model.and .Drawing.Manager.V11.61
CoCreate.OneSpace.WorkManager.V11.61 1CD
Cocreate Onespace Designer v11.0 1CD
CoCreate.One.Space.Designer.Modeling.2002.Plus.V11 .60.Multilanguage 1CD

Code v9.0 1CD
CODE.V.v9.30 1CD
CODE.V.v9.40 1CD
Code.V.v9.50 1CD
Compusoft.Winner.v3.6e-CAD 1CD
Compusoft.Winner.v6.0.a1.Multilangue 1CD
Comsol FEMLAB v3.1 3CD
Comsol.FEMLAB.V3.0 1CD
Comsol.FEMLAB V3.0A 1CD
ConceptDraw Professional Multilanguage v1.8 1CD
Coretechnologie.3D.Evolution.v2004.190.Multilangua ge 1CD
Coretechnologie.3D.Evolution.V1.0 1CD
Coretechnologie.3D.Evolution.v2004.39 1CD
COSMOSWorks.2005 1CD
Cosmos Designstar 4.0 1CD
Compusoft.Winner.v5.0.a1.MULTILINGUAL 1CD
CSC Fastrak 5950 SUITE v5.31 1CD
CSC.Fastrak.v9.0 1CD
CSC Structural Office Suite v6.0 1CD
CSC.Structural.Office.6.2 1CD
CSI ETABS V8.48 Chineselanguage 1CD
CSI Etabs NonLinear 7.20 1CD
CSI Etabs Nonlinear v8.11 1CD
CSI.Etabs.Non.Linear.v8.0 1CD
CSI SAP2000 v9.03 1CD
CSI.Sap2000.Nonlinear v8.12 1CD
CSI.SAP2000.Nonlinear.V8.08 1CD
CST.Design.Studio.v3.0 1CD
CST.EM.Studio.v2.0 1CD
CST.Microwave.Studio.v5.0 1CD
Cubus v4.0 1CD
Curious World Maps.v4.5 5CD
Curious Software Curious World Maps v3.0 2CD
Curious.Softwave.Curious World Maps.V3.6 4CD
Cypress.MicroSystems.Psoc.Designer.incl.C.Compiler .v4.0 1CD
DataCAD.X.v10.05.01 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.CATIA.P3.V5R13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.LCA.V5R13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.PORTAL.V5R13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.RADE.V5R13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.3d.com.v5.0.R13.Multilang uage 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.DMU.Navigator.v5.0.R13.Mu ltilanguage 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.LCA.v5.0.R13.Multilanguag e 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.VPM.Navigator.v5.0.R13.Mu ltilanguage 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.DMU.V5R 13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Hybrid. Design.V5R13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Mechani cal.Design.V5R13 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Strutur al.Analysis.V5R13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Extende d.Strutural.Analysis.V5R13
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Sheetme tal.V5R13 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Hybrid. Design.v5R12 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Mechani cal.Design.v5R12 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.User.Companion.for.Structu ral.Analysis.v5R12
Dassault.Systemes.Enovia.User.Companion.for.DMU.v5 R12 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.CADCAM.Drafting.V5R12 1CD
Dassault Systemes ENOVIA 3D COM V5R14 Documentation 2CD
Dassault Systemes ENOVIA DMU NAVIGATOR V5R14 Documentation 3CD
Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.DMU.V5R12 4CD
Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.DMU.Navigator.v5R10.B10 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.CATIA.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.LCA.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.ENOVIA.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CAA.RADE.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.LA.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.MULTICAX.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R14.Documentation 3CD
Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R14 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.3D.COM.E3L.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.3D.COM.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.DMU.NAVIGATOR.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.ENOVIA.VPM.NAVIGATOR.V5R14 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.P3.V5R14 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R14.SP3 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R14.SP2 1CD
Dassault.Sysytems.CATIA.V5R14.SP1 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.P3.V5R13 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.SP4 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.SP3 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.SP2 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.OnlineDocumentation. English 5CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R13.Online 4CD
Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R14 Documentation 5CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.P3.v5R12 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R12.P2 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R12.SP1 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R12.SP2 1CD
Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R12 SP3 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R12.SP4 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R12.SP5 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.P3 6CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP6 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP5 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP4 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP3 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R11.SP2 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.SP5 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.SP6 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.SP7 1CD
Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R10 P2 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R10.P3 4CD
Dassault Systemes CATIA v5R9 P3 final 3CD
Dassault Systemes CATIA v5R9.SP2 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP5 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP6 1CD
Dassault Systemes Catia V5R7 SP4 3CD
Dassault Systemes Catia V5R7 SP5 3CD
Dassault Systemes Catia V5R8 P3 &.Onlinedoc 3CD
Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R9 English Docmentation 3CD
Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R13 SP1 Documentation 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.DELMIA.V5R12 4CD
Dassault.Systemes.Delmia.VMAP.D5R12.SP4 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.Delmia.quesst.D5R12.SP4 1CD
Dassault Systemes Delmia quesst v5 R11 SP4 1CD
Dassault Systemes Delmia Vmap v5 R11 SP4 1CD
Dassault Systemes Smarteam v4.0 SP5.5 3CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5.R8.online documentation 3CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5.R8.P3.Solutions 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5r7.Retail 3CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.Web-Based.Learning.Solutions.v5r7.DMU 2CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5r6.Sp4 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R7.SP2 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R7.SP3.NON.STOLEN 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R7.SP6 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R7.SP7 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.P2 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.SP1 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.SP2 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.v5R8.SP3 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.V5R8.SP4 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R8.SP6 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP3 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP4 1CD
Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.v5R9.SP7 1CD
Data.Design.System.Suite.V6.32.Multilanguage 1CD
Deform.3D.v5.03 1CD
Deform.2D.V7.2.incl.SP1 1CD
Deform.2D.v8.1 1CD
Delcam PowerMILL V5.0 1CD
Delcam PowerMill v4.5 1CD
Delcam Powermill v4.0 1CD
Delcam PowerMill v4.1 1CD
Delcam PowerSHAPE V5.4 1CD
Delcam ArtCam Pro Insignia v2.0 1CD
Delcam.Artcam.Pro.V5.104 1CD
Delcam.Artcam.Pro.v5.509C 1CD
Delcam.Artcam.Pro.v6.008 1CD
Delmia.VMAP.V5R9.ISO 1CD
Deluo Routis v2004 1CD
Deneba Canvas V8.0 Professional 1CD
DesignCAD.Express.v14 1CD
DesignCAD 3D MAX v12 2CD
DesignCAD 3d Max 14 1CD
DesignCAD.3D.Max.v15 1CD
Design.Data.SDS2.General 3CD
DICAD.Strakon.v4.50B.Multilanguage 1CD
Dietrichs.System.V9.03.121103.Multilanguage 1CD
Dietrichs.System.V11.02.170203.Multilanguage 1CD
DLUBAL.RSTAB.v5.13.068.Bilingual 1CD
DLUBAL.RSTAB.v5.14.058.Bilingual 1CD
Dlubal.RSTAB.v5.14.077.Bilingual 1CD
DP Technology ESPRIT v2005 1CD
DP Technology Esprit v2003 1CD
DP.Technology.ESPRIT.2002.Plus.With.SP4 1CD
DSC GOSTEEL v5.0 SP5 for AutoCAD 1CD
DSC.Gosteel.v4.1.for.AutoCAD 1CD
DynaSCAPE.Professional.v3.02 2CD
E3.Series.2002.Plus 1CD
E3 Series 2003 1CD
Eagleware Genesys v8.0 1CD
ECSCAD.Standalone.v4.00.Bilingual 1CD
EdgeCAM v6.0 1CD
EdgeCAM v6.5 1CD
EdgeCAM.v7.5 1CD
EdgeCAM.v7.75 1CD
EDS.I-DEAS.NX.V11M1.Update 4CD
EDS.I-DEAS.NX.V11M2.Update 4CD
EDS I-DEAS V10M3 Update 3CD
EDS I-Deas V10M2 Update 2CD
EDS I-Deas v10 M1 Update 4CD
EDS I-Deas v10M1 PTF1 Update 1CD
EDS.Imageware.v11.1 1CD
EDS Vis Products v4.1 1CD
Eds I-DEAS V9M1 Update 2CD
EDS I-Deas V9M2 PTF4 Update 1CD
EDS.I-deas V9M3.Update 2CD
EDS.Factory.V7.1.Multilanguage 1CD
EDS Factory v8.0 for AutoCAD 1CD
EDS.Femap.v8.3 1CD
EDS Jack v3.0.1 1CD
EDS.Slate v6.5 1CD
EDS Solid Edge v12 1CD
EDS Solid Edge v14 final 1CD
EDS Solid Edge v15 1CD
EDS.Solid.Edge.v15.final 1CD
EDS Solid Edge v16 1CD
EDS.I-DEAS.V9M2.PTF2.update 1CD
EDS.SolidEgde v11.final 1CD
EDS.Team.Center.Engineering.Iman.V8.0 1CD
EDS Teamcenter Engineering Iman v8.1 1CD
EDS.Teamcenter Visualization v5.0 1CD
EDS.Teamcenter Visualization.v5.1 1CD
EDS.Unigraphics NX v3.0 2CD
EDS NX v2.0.1.2 Update only for Win2K/XP 2CD
EDS NX v2.0.2.2 Update Only for Win2K 1CD
EDS.Unigraphics.NX.v2.0.4.2.QRM.Update.Only 1CD
EDS.Unigraphics NX v2.0.3.1 Update Only for WIN2K 1CD
EDS Unigraphics NX v2.0 2CD
EDS.Unigraphics.NX.CAST 1CD
EDS.Unigraphics.NX.2.Cast 1CD
EDSL.Tas.V8.4 1CD
EDSL.Tas.V8.50 1CD
EFI.Best.Colorproof.v5.0 1CD
EGS FeatureCam v9.3 1CD
Elcad V7.1.0 1CD
Electronics.Workbench.Multisim.v7 1CD
Engenuity.STAGE Scenario.v5.0 1CD
Engenuitytech.STAGE.V4.2 2CD
Engineous.Software.Isight.V7.0.10 1CD
Epcon.Chempro.Engineering.Suite.6.3 1CD
Eplan 5.40 Professional Multilanguage 1CD
Eplan Professional v5.5 1CD
Eplan Professional v5.4 SP1 1CD
ERM.ER.Mapper.v6.4 1CD
ER.Mapper.6.3 1CD
Erdas Imagine v8.5 3CD
Erdas.Imagine v8.6 5CD
Erdas.Imagine.v8.7.with.LPS.v8.7 6CD
Esko.Graphics.ArtiosCAD.v6.02 1CD
Esko Graphics ArtiosCAD v5.25 1CD
ESI-Group AutoSEA2 2004 v2.5.0.8 1CD
ESI PAM-STAMP 2G v2003.0 2CD
ESI.PAM-STAMP.2G.v2004.0 1CD
Esri.ArcGIS.Desktop.v9.0 3CD
ESRI.ARC.GIS.Desktop v8.3 3CD
ESRI ArcInfo Workstaion v9.0 3CD
ESRI.ARC.GIS.Workstation v8.3 3CD
ESRI ARCView v3.3 1CD
ESRI.Arcgis.Workstation.V8.2 2CD
ESRI.Arcims.V4.0.For.Red.Hat.Linux 1CD
ESRI.Arcims.V4.0.For.Winnt2kxp 1CD
ESRI.Arcsde.Client.V8.2 1CD
ESRI.Arcsde.For.Coverages.V8.2 1CD
ESRI.Arcsde.For.Informix.V8.2 1CD
ESRI.Arcsde.For.Oracle8.V8.2 1CD
ESRI.Arcsde.For.Oracle9.V8.2 1CD
ESRI.Arcsde.For.Sql.V8.2 1CD
ESRI.Mapobjects v2.2 1CD
ESRI.Mapobjects.Java.Standard.Edition.V1.0 1CD
ESRI.MapObjects.Java.Edition.v2.0 1CD
ETAP.PowerStation.v4.0 1CD
ETOS.v5.00.b.308.Multilanguage 1CD
ETOS.v5.1.b.511.Multilanguage 1CD
Etos.V4.80.202.Multilanguage 1CD
Euronav Seapro2000 V3.708 1CD
eVision 6.0 1CD
Faro.Cam2.v1.6 1CD
FastRIP Pro v8.0 1CD
FE-Design.Tosca.v4.51.MultiOS 1CD
Feflow v5.0 1CD
Femap V8.2.1 1CD
FEM.Design.v5.0 1CD
FEM.Design.v4.2 1CD
FileMaker.Inc.FileMaker.Pro.6.0v1.WinMac 1CD
Flomerics Flotherm V2.2 1CD
Flomerics Flotherm V3.2
Flomerics Flotherm v4.1 1CD
Flomerics.Flotherm.v4.2 1CD
Flow.3D.V8.0 1CD
Flowscience.Flow.3d.V8.0.1 1CD
Flowscience Flow 3D v8.1 1CD
Flowscience Flow 3D v8.11 1CD
Flowscience.Flow.3d.v8.2 2CD
Fluent.V6.0 2CD
FLUENT v6.1.22 3CD
FME.Suite.V2003.X2 1CD
Formsys Maxsurf v9.52 1CD
Friedrich.und.Lochner.Statik.2003.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
Fugawi.GPS.Mapping.Software.v3.1.4.692.Incl.Marine .ENC 1CD
Functionbay Recurdyn v5.1 SP1 1CD
Gammatech GT SUITE v6.1 1CD
Garmin.mapsource.v5.4 1CD
GEO-SLOPE Office 5 with Seep 3D 1CD
Genius Inventor v6.0 6CD
Geoslope.Office.5.11.with.Vadosew.and.Seep3D 1CD
GeoSystem.Delta.v5 1CD
GIBBSCAM.2004.V7.0 1CD
GibbsCAM 2002 V6.01.01 1CD
GibbsCAM.2002.v6.0 1CD
Giza.Pro.V2002 1CD
Giza Pro v2003 1CD
Graitec Advance Steel Suite v4.2 SP1 1CD
Graitec.Advance.v5.2 2CD
Graitec.OMD.v12.1H 1CD
Graphisoft Archicad International v7.0 R2 1CD
Graphisoft Archicad v7.0R3 1CD
Graphisoft ArchiCAD International v8.0 1CD
Graphisoft ArchiCAD International v8.0.R2 1CD
Graphisoft Archicad International v8.0 R3 1CD
GraphiSoft ArchiCAD v8.1 R1 INTERNATIONAL 1CD
GraphiSoft ArchiCAD v8.1 R1 USA 1CD
Graphisoft ArchiCAD v9.0 R1 International 2CD
Graphisoft.Archiglazing.for.ArchiCAD.v9.0.Hybrid 1CD
Graphisoft.Archiglazing.v1.7.for.ArchiCAD.8.1 1CD
GraphiSoft.Ductwork.v1.2.for.ArchiCAD.v8.1.Hybrid 1CD
Graphitech Cimagrafi 7.28 Suite Bilingual 1CD
Graphitech.Cimagrafi.7.28.Suite.German 1CD
GT Suite v6.0 1CD
Haestad Methods Watercad v4.5015A 1CD
Hampson.Russell.CE.v7.R1.Win/Linux 2CD
Hampson-Russell CE V6 R5 1CD
Hampson.Russell.CE.v6 R4 1CD
Hardata.Dinesat.v7.0.3.5 1CD
Heidelberg.Signastation.v8.0.1 1CD
Hellas.Navigator 1CD
HyperSteel v6.0 1CD
Hyprotech HYSYS v3.1 1CD
HyproTech.HYSYS.v3.2 1CD
HZS.Space-E.v3.0 1CD
ICEM Surf.v4.4 1CD
ICEM Surf v4.3 2CD
IDS.ARIS.Design.v6.2.3.Multi 1CD
I-Deas Master Version Update MO SDRC 1CD
I-Deas V9M2 Update 2CD
I-Logix.Statemate.v3.2 1CD
IES Virtual Environment v5.0 1CD
IEZ.Speedikon.MI.Industriebau.v6.5.47.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
IEZ.Speedikon.M.v6.5.47.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
IEZ Speedikon A v6.545 BiLiNGUAL 1CD
IEZ Speedikon A v6.543 BiLiNGUAL 1CD
ILight FieldView v9.1 2CD
ILight.Fieldview.v10.0 2CD
Imold for Solidworks v2003 SP1 1CD
Ilight Fieldview v8.2 2CD
IMST Empipe v3.2 1CD
IMST.Empire.v4.00 1CD
IMSI.FlowCharts.And.More.v5.0 1CD
IMSI Turbocad v8.1 1CD
IMSI.TurboCAD.Pro.V9.0 3CD
Intec.SIMPACK.v8.6.07 1CD
Ilight Fieldview v9.0 2CD
Imst Empire V3.0 1CD
Informatix.Microgds.Pro.v8.02 2CD
InnovationSuite 5 1CD
InvoMax-2nd.Edition 1CD
Innovmetric.Polyworks.v8.0 1CD
InnovMetric.Polyworks.v7.2.BiLiNGUAL.MULTiOS 1CD
Innoveda Eproduct Designer V1.1 2CD
Innoveda.eProducts.DesignerV2.0 2CD
Innoveda.PowerPCB.v4.0.build400.168 1CD
Intel.Fortran.Compiler.Pro.With.IMSL.V8.0.048 1CD
Intel.vTUNE.Performance.Analyzer.v7.1A 1CD
Intergraph SmartSketch V5.00.21.01 1CD
INUS Technology.RapidForm 2004 SP1.5 1CD
INUS Technology RapidForm 2004 PLUS Pack 2 1CD
Inus Technology Rapidform 2004 1CD
Inus Technology Rapidform 2002 plus pack 1 1CD
Inus Technology Rapidform v2002 1CD
Iplanet Calendar Server 5 1CD
IronCAD.v7.0.and.Inovate.v7.0 1CD
ISIGHT.v7.1.21 1CD
Itedo.IsoDraw.v6.0 1CD
KERAMAG.DXF.and.DWG.For.CAD-Systeem.2002-2003-Multilanguage 1CD
Labview.v7.Express.Professional.Development.Linux 1CD
Lattice Isplever v2.0 4CD
Lattice.Isplever.V3.0 2CD
Licom Systems AlphaCAM V2004 1CD
Licom Systems AlphaCAM V2003 2CD
Lighttools.V3.3.0 1CD
Lighting.Technologies.Photopia.v2.0.0.10 1CD
Lizardtech GeoExpress v4.0 1CD
Lms.Test.Lab.v.4.0 1CD
LUSAS FEA v13.55 1CD
LUSAS.FEA.v13.57 1CD
Macromedia.Breeze.Enterprise.3.0.4 1CD
Macromedia.Contribute.v3.0 1CD
Macromedia Jrun 4.0 For WIN/LINUX 1CD
Macromedia.Contribute.v1.0 1CD
Mak Software Suite v3.2 1CD
Mak Software Suite v4.0 1CD
MapInfo.Professional.v7.0 1CD
MapInfo StreetPro U.S. v5.3 11CD
Maptech Chart Navigator v5.0.2 1CD
MapleSoft.Maple.v9.5.Hybrid 1CD
MasterCAM.v9.1.MR0304 1CD
MasterCam v9.1 SP2 1CD
MasterCam v9.1 1CD
MasterCam v9.0 SP1 1CD
Mastercam.CAD.v9.0 1CD
MasterCam.v8.1.1.Final. 1CD
MasterCam.v9.0 beta. 1CD
Mathematica.v5.0 1CD
MathWorks.MATLAB.7.0.1.R14.SP1 3CD
Mathworks.Matlab.V7.0.R14.Win 2CD
Mathsoft.Axum.V7 1CD
MathSoft.MathCAD.12 1CD
Mathsoft Mathcad Enterprise Edition v11.A 1CD
Mathsoft.Mathcad.Enterprise.Edition.v11.0b.BiLiNGU AL 1CD
Mathworks.Matlab.v6.5.1 3CD
Mathworks Suite Release v13 with Mathlab v6.5 3CD
Maxon.ArchiCAD.to.Cinema.4D.Interchange.Plugin 1CD
Mechanical.Dynamics.Adams.V12.0 1CD
Mechsoft.for.AutoCad2004.LT 1CD
Mechsoft for Autodesk Inventor Series 1CD
Mechsoft for Inventor v7.0 1CD
Mechsoft.for.Inventor.v8.0 1CD
Mechsoft.for.SolidEdge.v15 1CD
Mechsoft.Productivity.Pack.for.Inventor.v8.0 1CD
Mechsoft.com for Autocad 2002 1CD
Mechsoft.com for Unigraphics 1CD
Mechsoft.Com.for.ThinkDesign.v6 1CD
Mechsoft.for.Inventor.R5 1CD
Mechsoft.Mechanical.Design.Pack.for.NX2 1CD
Mechsoft.Mechanical.Design.Pack.NX.R4 1CD
Mechsoft.Mechanical.Design.Pack.For.Unigraphics 1CD
Memscap Mems Pro v3.2 1CD
Memscap Mems Pro v4.0 1CD
Mentor.Graphics.eProduct.Designer.3.0 2CD
Mentor Graphics eProduct Designer 2004 3CD
Mentor.Graphics.EN2002.Board.Station 1CD
Mentor Graphics HDL Designer Series v2001.5 1CD
Mentor Graphics.ISD.v2004.1 3CD
Mentor Graphics PADS PCB Design Solutions 2004 SPac1 1CD
Mentor Graphics.SDD2004 1CD
Mentor Graphics.WG2004 1CD
Mentor Graphics WG 2000.5.1 Expedition 1CD
Mentor.Graphics.WG 2002.Spac2 1CD
Mentor.Graphics.PADS.Designer.2004 1CD
Mentor.Graphics.PowerPCB.5.0.Suite 1CD
Mentor Graphics PowerPCB with Blaze Router v5.0.1 1CD
Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis v2004b 1CD
Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB v2002 2CD
Metastock.V7.2.Pro 1CD
Metroworks.CodeWarrior.for.DSP56800.v5.0 1CD
Micromimages TNT v6.8 1CD
Microstrategy QRA CAD System v7.1 1CD
MicroSurvey.CAD.2002 1CD
Microwave.Office.V2002 2CD
Missler Topsolid 2003 v6.5 1CD
Mitchell.on.Demand.5.6.Estimator.Q1.2004 3CD
Moldflow Plastics Insight v4.0.1 2CD
MoldWizard For Unigraphics V18.0.1 1CD
MSC.ADAMS.v2005.for.Linux 1CD
MSC Documentation 2005 1CD
MSC.Dytran v2002.R2 1CD
MSC.Dytran.2004 1CD
MSC Easy5 v7.1 1CD
MSC.EASY5.v2004 1CD
MSC.EASY5.V2004.R2 1CD
MSC Enterprise MVision v2002 Q2 1CD
MSC Enterprise Mvision 2004 1CD
MSC.Fatigue.v2004 1CD
MSC Fatigue 2003 for Patran 1CD
MSC.Fatigue.v2004.for.Patran.v2004 1CD
MSC.Interactiv.Physics.v2004 1CD
MSC Marc 2001 1CD
MSC Marc with Mentat v2003 1CD
MSC.Mvision Builder & Evaluator 2004 1CD
MSC.NASTRAN.for.Windows.v2004.R1 1CD
MSC Patran V2001 1CD
MSC Patran v2001 R2A *WORKING*
MSC.Patran v 2003 1CD
MSC.Patran v2003.R2 2CD
MSC.Patran.2004 1CD
MSC.Patran 2004 R2 1CD
MSC.Patran 2004 Documentation 1CD
MSC Patran 2005 1CD
MSC Simdesigner v2004 R1 for CATIA 1CD
MSC.SimDesigner.v2004.R2.for.CATIA.V5R12 1CD
MSC.Simdesigner.v2004.R3.for.CATIA.V5R13 1CD
MSC SimDesigner Suspension v2004 R3 for CATIA V5R13 1CD
MSC SimDesigner v2004 R4 for CATIA V5R13 1CD
MSC SimDesigner v2004 R5 for CATIA V5R13 1CD
MSC.Simdesigner.v2005.R1.for.CATIA.V5R13 1CD
MSC Superforge v2002
MSC.Superform.v2002.R2 1CD
MSC.Superform.2004 1CD
MSC.Nastran 2004.R3 1CD
MSC NASTRAN V2004 R2 Linux 1CD
MSC Visual Nastran Desktop 2002 2CD
MSC.Visual.Nastran.Desktop.v2003 2CD
MSC.Visual.Nastran Desktop V2004 SP1 1CD
MSC.Visual.Nastran.Desktop.v2004.SP2 1CD
MSC Visual Nastran for CATIA V5iR9 1CD
MSC.Visual Nastran for CATIA v5iR10 1CD
MSC Visual Nastran for CATIA V5iR10 Updated 1CD
MSC Visual Nastran for Windows v2002 1CD
MSC Visual Nastran for Windows v2003 1CD
MSC.Visual.Nastran.for.Windows.v2004 1CD
MSC.Fatigue. v2001.R3 2CD
MSC.Fatigue. v2001.R3 UNIX 1CD
Msc.Nastran.For.Windows.V2001 1CD
MSC.Patran.V2001.R3 1CD
Myriad v6.1 1CD
National Instruments SignalExpress.v1.0 1CD
National Instruments Analog Waveform Editor V1.1 1CD
National Instruments Diadem.v9.0 1CD
National Instruments Labview v7.0 2CD
National.Instruments.Diadem.v8.1.incl.SP1 1CD
National.Instruments.LabVIEW Simulation Module V1.0 1CD
National.Instruments.LabVIEW.v7.1.Professional.Dev elopment.System 1CD
National Instruments.Lookout v6.0 1CD
National.Instruments.MATRIXx.v7.1 1CD
NI.LabVIEW Control Design Toolkit V2.0 1CD
NI.LabVIEW.Professional.v7.1.Proper 1CD
NI.LabVIEW System Identification Toolkit 2.0 1CD
NI.Vision Development Module v7.1 1CD
Navisworks.V3.0 1CD
Navisworks.v3.1 1CD
Navisworks v3.6 1CD
NC.Graphics.Depocam.v6.0.9 1CD
NC.Graphics.Depocam.v5.0.19 1CD
NC.Graphics.Depocam.v5.0.16 1CD
NC Graphics Machining Strategist v4.0 1CD
Ncode Nsoft v5.3.1 1CD
NE Nastran v8.16 1CD
NE.Nastran.v8.3 1CD
Nemetschek.Allplan.v2004.0.Multilanguage 1CD
Nemetschek Allplan v2004.0a DateCode 03012004 MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
Nemetschek.Allplan.v2004.0b1.and.ALLPLOT.MULTiLANG UAGE 1CD
Nemetschek.PlanDesign.V2004.Multilanguage 1CD
Nemetschek.Allplan.FT.v17.0a4.MultiLingual 1CD
Nemetschek Allplan Ft 17.0a Multilanguage 1CD
Nemetschek Allplan FT v17 Multilanguage 1CD
Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.incl.SR.1.Mutilanguage 1CD
Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.1.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.1.DateCode.20030515.incl. SR1.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD

Nemetschek.Allplan.v2003.1a.Multilanguage 1CD
Nemetschek.PlanDesign.FT.2003.v3.0a.incl.SR1.Multi language 1CD
Nemetschek VectorWorks V11.0 Hybrid 1CD
NI.Vision.v7.0.Development.Module.for.LabView 1CD
NobelTec.Admiral.v7.0 3CD
Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite.v7.0 2CD
Okino Products Suite v4.12 1CD
Open.Mind.HyperCAD.V8.4.Multilanguage 1CD
Open.Mind.HyperCAD.v8.Multilanguage 1CD
OpenMind.HyperMILL.V6.1.for.Mech.Desktop.Multi 1CD
Optical Research Associates LightTools v4.0 1CD
Opticore Opus Realizer v1.4.2 1CD
Opticore Opus Realizer v1.5 1CD
Opticore Opus Studio v4.1 1CD
Optiwave.OptiFDTD.v3.0.1 1CD
Originlab.OriginPro.v7.5 1CD
Oslo.V6.2 1CD
P-CAD.V2002 1CD
Partmaker.V6.0 1CD
Pathtrace EdgeCAM v9.0 1CD
Pathtrace.EdgeCAM.v8.75 1CD
Pathtrace.EdgeCAM.v8.5 1CD
Pathtrace EdgeCAM v8.0 1CD
Pathtrace EdgeCam v7.0 1CD
Pathtrace Edgecam Part Modeler v2.1 1CD
PCI.Geomatica.v9.0 6CD
PERI PERICAD Formwork v3.0 1CD
Picasoft.Mayka.Suite.v6.0 1CD
Phoenics V3.5 1CD
Pro Engineer V2001 Datecode 2001400 1CD
PRO/E V2001 Datecode 2001360 *XP COMPLIANT* 1CD
Pro/Engineer 2001 Datecode 2002060 *MULTILANGUAGE* 1CD
Pro/Engineer 2001 DateCode 2002140 1CD
Pro/Engineer 2001 Datecode 2002220 for NT 1CD
Pro/ENGINEER 2001 Datecode 2002270 for NT 1CD
PROCAD 2D Designer v2002 1CD
Procad.3DSmart.with.SP2 1CD
Prokon.Calcpad.v2.0 1CD
Protel.Altium.DXP V.7.0 1CD
PTC.Basic.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
PTC.Connector.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
PTC.Division Visual Collaboration Services v6.4.8 2CD
PTC Division Productview and Graphics Server v4.6.3 1CD
PTC.Electrical.Symbols.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
PTC.Graphics.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
PTC.Moldbase.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
PTC.Pipe.Fitting.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
PTC.Piping.And.Heating.Symbols.Library.for.Wildfir e 1CD
PTC.Tooling.Library.for.Wildfire 1CD
PTC CADDS 5i Revision 12 Datecode 2001200 1CD
PTC Division Visual Collaboration Services Datacode 2002248 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer Expret Moldbase Extension v4.0 datecode 2003051 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer Expert Moldbase Extension v4.0 datacode 2003130 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer Expert Moldbase Extension v4.0 datacode 2003250 1CD
PTC Division Visual Collaboration Services v6.4 datacode 2003052 3CD
PTC Expert Moldbase Extension 3.0 1CD
PTC Expert Moldbase Extension v3.1 1CD
PTC.Expert Moldbase v4.0 1CD
PTC.Expert Moldbase Extension 4.1 1CD
PTC Graphics Library V2001 for PTC Pro Engineer 1CD
PTC IceM Surf 2002 v4.1 1CD
PTC ICEM Surf V4.0.1 1CD
PTC Intralink V3.1 Datecode 2001361 1CD
PTC Intralink v3.2 datacode 2002270 1CD
PTC Intralink v3.3 2CD
PTC.Pro/INTRALINK R3.3 Service Pack Datecode M021 1CD
PTC.Pro.INTRALINK.v3.3.datecode.2002471 2CD
PTC Optegra V6.0 1CD
PTC Optegra V6.0 DC 2002500 1CD
PTC.Progressive Die Extension v2.1 1CD
PTC Pro Concept v1.0 1CD
PTC.Pro.Concept.v2.0 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer v4.0 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer v5.0 1CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Routed.Systems.Designer.v5.2 1CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Routed Systems Designer v5.3 1CD
PTC.Routed.Systems.Designer.v5.4 1CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire v2.0 Datecode 2004400 3CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire v2.0 Datecode 2004320 3CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v2.0.Datecode.2004280 3CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v2.0.Datecode.2004150.Mu ltilingual 3CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v2.0 3CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.WildFire.Datacode.2004240 3CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.WildFire.datacode.2004030 3CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.WildFire.datacode.2003451 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003370 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003291 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003250 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datacode 2003210 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 datacode 2003170 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 datacode 2003170 Linux 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer.Wildfire.datacode 2003130 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire datecode 2003100 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 Datacode 20030151 3CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire v2003 Datacode 20030151 Linux 2CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire Datacode 2002490 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer WildFire Datacode 2002490 Linux 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer 2001 Datacode 2002100 WinNT2KXP Multilingual 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer 2001 Datacode 2002350 for NT 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer 2001 Datecode 2002310 for NT 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer 2001 datacode 2002430 NT 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer 2001 datacode 2002480 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer 2001 V2.0 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer Routed Systems Designer v4.0 datacode 2003130 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer v2001 datacode 2002390 NT 1CD
PTC Pro Engineer V2001 Datecode 2001240 for Win9x&NT 2CD
PTC Pro Engineer V2001 Datecode 2002060 For Winnt 1CD
PTC Pro Intralink 3.0 Datecode 2001200 For NT 1CD
PTC Pro IntraLink v3.0 2001021 4CD
PTC Pro Intralink v3.2 1CD
PTC Pro Mechanica 2001 DateCode 2001210 1CD
PTC Pro Mechanica 2001 Datecode 2001430 1CD
PTC PRO/ENGINEER v2001 for NT(2001320) 1CD
Ptc Proe 2001 Mulitlanguge 1CD
Ptc Proe V2001 Datacode 2001200 3CD
PTC Pro-E v2001 Datecode 2002180 NT 1CD
PTC ProEngineer V2001 Datecode 2001440 1CD
PTC Routed Systems Designer 1CD
Ptc.Icem.Ddn.V5.0 1CD
PTC.ICEM.SURF.2002.v4.2.Multilingual 1CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.2001.DATECODE.2001490.WinNT2KXP 1CD
PTC.Pro.Engineer.2001.DATECODE.2002030.WinNT2KXP 1CD
PTC.Productview.v6.0 1CD
Raindrop.Geomagic.Cadmus.Fashion.v6.0 1CD
Raindrop.Geomagic.Cadmus.Fashion.v6.0.SR1 1CD
Raindrop Geomagic Studio v6.0 2CD
Raindrop Geomagic Qualify v6.0 2CD
Raindrop Geomagic Qualify v7.0 2CD
RAL.Digital.v3.0.Multilingual 1CD
RAM.Concept v1.2 1CD
RAMINT.RAM.ADVANSE.V5.1.Multilanguage 1CD
Rational Robot V2001A.04 1CD
Realtime.Deltagen.V4.0.4.92 1CD
Reiusa STAAD Pro v2003 1CD
Research.Systems.Envi.v3.6 1CD
RESEARCH.Watsyn.v1.5 1CD
Revit.4.0 1CD
Ricardo.Software.Wave.v5.1 1CD
Risa.Technologies.Risa.3D.V4.5 1CD
Road.Scout.2004.v9.2.BILINGUAL 1CD
Roboguide v2.3.1 1CD
Robot Millenium 17.0.1 1CD
Robot.Office.v17.5 1CD
Roxar.Software.Solutions.IRAP.RMS.v7.0 2CD
RSLogix5000.Firmaware.KIT.12.01 1CD
RTI ScopeTools v4.0c CP1 for VxWorks 1CD
Safe Technology FE-Safe v5.0 1CD
SAS.JMP.Statistical.Discovery.Software.v5.0.1a 1CD
Scad Office v7.31 R3 1CD
Schlumberger.PIPESIM.2003.v1.0 1CD
SCIA.ESA-Prima Win.V3.5 1CD
SCIA.ESA.Prima.Win.v3.60.Multilinguage 1CD
SCIA.ESA PT V4.5 and ESA PW V3.6 1CD
SDRC I-Deas V9 Update Training 1CD
Sdrc Ideas Master v9 M3 PTF 2CD
SeisImager.Pickwin.v2.64.with.Plotrefa.v2.41 1CD
SeisImager.Pickwin.v3.02.with.Plotrefa.v2.68 1CD
Sescoi.WorkNC V14.16 1CD
Sescoi WorkNC v16.21 MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
SIA.CD.Norm.v8.03.Multilanguage 1CD
Siemens.Sinutrain.v6.3.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
Siemens.Simatic.WinCC.Flexible.Multilanguage 2CD
Simsci Pro II v5.6.1 1CD
SimSci.Process.Engineering.Suite.2002 1CD
SmartDraw.Pro.Plus.V6.2 2CD
Solidworks 2001 Plus 2CD
SolidWorks v2003 3CD
SolidWorks v2003 3CD-Chinese version
SolidWorks v2003 SP3 3CD
SolidWorks v2004 3CD
Solidworks.v2005 3CD
Sonnet Suite Pro v8.5.2 1CD
Sonnet suites Pro v9.5.2 1CD
Speedikon.A.v6.0.20 1CD
Speedikon.W.Architektur.2.v6.021.MULTiLANGUAGE 1CD
Speedikon.Visualisierung.v6.022.BiLiNGUAL 1CD
SPSS.v12.0 1CD
Srac Cosmos Designstar v3.0 1CD
Srac.Cosmos.Suite.V2003 1CD
Srac Cosmos Works Suite v2004 1CD
STAAD.Pro 2001 1CD
STAR.CD.v3.22 1CD
Stardraw Suite *Multilanguage* 1CD
Steinbichler COMET T-Scan v4.2 1CD
Steinbichler COMETinspect V2.0 1CD
Steinbichler.Cometplus.v5.1 1CD
Steinbichler COMETplus V5.11 1CD
Strydent Software InkSaver v1.0 1CD
Surfware Surfcam v2001 1CD
Surfware Surfcam v2002 1CD
Surfware Surfcam v2002 plus 1CD
Surfware.Surfcam.v2003 1CD
Synopsys Saber v2004.06 SP1 1CD
Synopsys Saber Designer v2003.6 1CD
Synopsys.Saber.Designer.V2002.2 1CD
Synopsys Saber Designer v2002.4 1CD
T-FLEX.Parametric.CAD.v7.2 1CD
T-Systems.Medina.v7.3.2 1CD
Tanner.L-Edit Pro with LVS v10.0 1CD
Tanner L-Edit Pro 8.3 2CD
Tebis.CAD.CAM.v3.1.R12.Multilanguage 1CD
Tebis.Cad.V3.1.R11 1CD
Tebis.NC2AX.v3.1.R12.Multilanguage 1CD
Tecnomatix.EM-Workplace.v6.0.3 1CD
Tecnomatix eMPower V7.2 1CD
Tekla Xsteel.v9.0 1CD
Telelogic.TAU Generation2.v2.4 1CD
Teksoft Camworks v2003 1CD
Teksoft ProCam II.v2003 1CD
Tekton.v2.4.0.4 1CD
TenkeiKoubou.Vol.06.Plants.for.CAD 1CD
Think Design V6.0.1 1CD
Think Design V7.0 1CD
Think Design V8.0 1CD
Think.Design.V7.0.1.5 1CD
Think3 ThinkDesign.v9.0.92 1CD
Think3 Thinkdesign V9.0 1CD
Think3.ThinkDesign.v8.4.1 1CD
Think3 ThinkDesign v8.4 1CD
Think3 ThinkDesign v8.3 1CD
Think3 ThinkDesign v8.2 1CD
TkSolver.V4.Interactive.Roarks.Formulas.Edition 1CD
Torchmate CAD Fonts ClipArt CD VEF 1CD
Torchmate CAD Module v5.0 Revision 12 1CD
TotalCAD 2D/3D 1CD
TracePro 2.3 1CD
Trace Pro v3.0 1CD
Trace Pro v3.2.2 1CD
Traceparts v2.1.1 SP2 1CD
TransMagic.Plus.v2005 1CD
TransMagic.Plus.v4.30c 1CD
Transmagic Plus v4.0 1CD
Trimble.Paydirt.Sitework.v5.2 1CD
TurboCAD Deluxe v9.2 1CD
Type3.Type.Edit.2003.V5.3.0.0 1CD
UGS Solid Edge v10 final 1CD
UGS CAST for NX V3.0 1CD
Ullmanns.Encyclopedia.Of.Industrial.Chemistry.2002 .6th.Edition 1CD
Unigraphics NX v1.0 2CD
Unigraphics.NX.V1.0.1.Update 1CD
Unigraphics NX v1.0.2.3 Update Only 1CD
Unigraphics Upgrade v18.0.2.1 1CD
Unigraphics V18 Final 3CD
Valor.Enterprise.3000.v7.2.4 1CD
Vantage.Plant.Design.Management.System.v11.5 1CD
VAPS.Suite.v6.3 1CD
Varimetrix VX v 6.51 1CD
Veri.Tech.Cedas.2.01f 1CD
Vero.Machinning.Strategist.v6.0 1CD
Vero Machining Strategist v5.0 1CD
VERO.VISI-Series.v12.1 1CD
Vero.VISI-Series.v11.3 1CD
Vero.Visi.Series.v11.2 1CD
VERO.VISI-Series.v11.1 1CD
Via Wiring Diagram 16.0A 1CD
Vision Numeric Type 3 v4.5 1CD
Vision Numeric Type3 v4.6 1CD
VITec.PC.V4.1 1CD
Wasatch.Softrip.V4.5 2CD
WASP-NET.v5.4.3 1CD
WaveFunction.Spartan.04.v1.0.1 1CD
WaveFun.Spartan.02.v1.0.2 1CD
WaveFun.Spartan.04.v2.0 1CD
Windriver.Platform.ID.v2.0 5CD
Windowlink.Vector.Plus.v4.62 1CD
WYSIWYG.Release.10 1CD
Xilinx ISE.v6.2I 2CD
Xilinx ISE v6.3 3CD
Xilinx.ISE.v6.1I 2CD
Xilinx.EDK.v6.3 1CD
Xilinx Embedded Development Kit 6.2i 1CD
Xilinx Foundation Series ISE 4.1i w/ SP1 2CD
Zuken.Cadstar.V5.0 1CD


Structural Engineering, Petroleum industries Petrochemical Process
engineering, Hydraulic & Environment engineering, Geotechnical & Mining
engineering, Road & GIS, new !, other

***** Structural Engineering ******

- Sacs v5.1 2004
- BOCAD 3D v18.xx , v19.xx
- sap2000 v8.34
- etabs v8.46
- safe v7.33
- sectionbuilder v8.11
- csicol v8.0
- xsteel v9.0
- Xsteel v10.0
- STAAD PRO 2004
- Lusas 13.30
- ArmCAD 2000
- Robot V17.5
- RSTAB_V5.14

***** Petroleum industries ? Petrochemical ? Process engineering

- Aspen.Engineering v11.10
- Hysys 3.20
- Hysys Distil 5.0
- Cadcentre PDMS v11.50
- CeazarII v4.50
- PV-ELITE 2004
- TANK v2.50
- Cadworx Pipe 2004
- Cadworx steel 2005
- Cadworx P&ID 2005
- PIPESIM 2003
- CAD PIPE 2002 3D Design v7.0
- CAD PIPE 2002 Commercial pipe v7.0
- ProII 5.61 & Hextran 8.11 & Datacon 3.13 & Inplant 3.03 & visualFlow
- MSC.SuperForge 2004
- intergraph PDS V7.10
- OLGA 2000 V4.0
- Auto Plant 3D v2.01
- Auto Pipe v2.20
- Plant Flow v6.0
- Applied Flow Technology
Impulse 3 & Fathom 5 &
Arrow 3 & Mercury 5 &
Titan 3 & ChempakViewer1
- HTFS 2003
- Epcon Engineering Suite 2002
- Visual Metrix 2002
- Aspen ICARUS Products 12
- Pipe Flow 3D v1.037
- WinSim Design II 8.40
- Bentley PlantSpace Instrumentation v8.0
- inter graph PDS v7.10

**** Hydraulic & Environment engineering **********************

- WaterCad v6.5
- SMS v8.0
- GMS v4.0
- wms v6.10
- FeFLOW V5.0
- FLOWmaster 2 v6.4.1
- AutoShip System Corporation 2003

**** Geotechnical & Mining engineering *******

- Flac 3D v2.10
- Flac 2D v4.0
- Flac Slope v4.0
- Itasca 3DEC v3.0077
- Itasca UDEC v3.10
- Itasca PFC 2D,3D
- Plaxis v7.20
- Plaxis v8.0
- GeoSlope Office 5.18
- Shaft 3D v2.40
- Combined 3D v3.60
- Foundation 3D v3.60
- Mat 3D v3.60
- Zsoil 2D & 3D
- Rockwork 2002
- RocPlot 2003
- Civiltech Allpile
Liquify pro
Shoring Suite
Super Log

**** Road & GIS *********************

- Ansoft ePhysics 2004
- Ansoft Maxwell EM v10
- Socet SET 5.0
- Map info 7.50
- InRoad 8.30
- Surfer 8.02
- Grapher 4.0
- Didger 3.04
- Leica SKI-Pro v3.0
- ArcGIS v9.0 (Desktop & Workstation)
- Asterdtm
- CrossLight.ProCom 2003
- Civilcad v2004

**** *********************

- ArcGIS 9.0 ( Desktop , Workstation )
- Leica SKI Pro
- Haestad Softwares
- Power Online
- RC planning
- CadWorx Plant 2004
- VANTAGE Plant Engineering ( VPE )
- Pipenet Suite v9.0 or Higher
- Comfar III v2.2 or Higher
- Phast v6.0 or Higher
- QUE$TOR v7.7
- Etap PowerStation v4.70
- Etap v4.0
- Intools v5.20
- RockWorks 2004
- Aspen Suite v12.10


instructions how to authorise, register, including the authorization,
registration, and installation serial numbers for 20,000 plus programs



please send e-mail , ,

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