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Default Have Gas Heat - How to Prep. for Shortages?

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"TURTLE" wrote in message

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Right now, with the natural gas shortage (expected to last several

seems oil heat is about 2/3 of the cost of natural gas. For me,

from natural gas to oil would save about $500. per year.

But I'd like to have a dual heating system in case of supply problems

either. Is there a decent way to piggy-back an oil heating system onto

natural gas system? I have a hot water/radiator system. It seems with

valves installed I could use the same system with my choice of

reason why not?

Also, I was thinking of using kerosene space heaters for the living

and letting the rest of the house go cold during the day. (using

close off the living area and heat). Anything to take into

doing this?

This is Turtle.

Well you say you can save $500.00 a year on oil heat and have a choice

natural gas or fuel oil boiler.

Lest see here to get a convertiable system like you want would run you
around $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 and taking the low figure here of saving
$500.00 a year it would take you 4 years to just get your money back.

4 years your going to loose the interest on the investment of $2,000.00
which will be another $250.00 which makes it 4 and 1/2 years to break

What is going to be the price of each of these fuel 4 and 1/2 years from

This is a bad bet for now but your betting on the future which is



True. Actually I estimated the conversion would cost more toward the high
end of that. The issue is limited domestic natural gas supply unless, of
course, importation begins or there is more production on government and
protected lands. Oil is easily imported.

If the situation worsens or improves, it could shift

Like you say, it's a gamble. But part of the gamble is if gas stays high.

you hang on while gas prices continue escalating your $500 $800
$1,000......go for nothing and you still must toss the upfront costs to

This is Turtle.

Right now your not at any break even point to bet on. Play your cards and


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Default Have Gas Heat - How to Prep. for Shortages?

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 17:09:43 -0700, mark Ransley
Hey your lucky yours gives off heat.
What I've always done and now that my kids are older is we keep a hankie
in our underwear to save the grease from our gas. We then use it for
refried beans and stuff. Kind of a self perpetuating thing.
In your case you could strap a plastic soda battle to your leg and let
it capture that gas heat. Reuse it to heat your beans, eat them and you
will make more gas heat. See how it works?

NICE TRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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