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Default After the Deletion of Google Answers U Got Questions Fills the Gap Answering and Asking the Tough Questions

My friend asked some tough questions http://ugotquestions.blogspot.com/20...1_archive.html
unlike yahoo answers ( Which Generates Content with Answers ) U got
questions picks only the best, Real Person Questions.,yeah so there is
this second book called E.T. and the BOOK OF THE GREEN PLANET... yeah,
what happens in it... i heard he dies, and what happend to elliot....
this has been bugging me for years...so someone please tell
mehttp://ugotquestions.blogspot.com/2007_04_01_archive.html - i start
my car and shut it off 4 to 5 times it starts fine but when i continue
repeat this procedure for another 2 to 3 times then it dies. it doesnt
start at all. the headlights and all other lights dont go dim so might
not be the battery. then i have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes for it to
start again. it does crank slowly sometime then start. the alternator
was replaced 2 years ago so was the battery. the car has 129000miles
its 01 maxima. automatic. as far as i think it could be the
answers_7473.html 1- if you ask anyone in the town that: Are you a
wise human? and he says yes, what you can say about him? 2- tree
mathematicians are talking about their trip to this town: 1st man
says: in my trip to the town, I ask John (a people of the town) are
you a wise human? and with his reply, I could not rcognize what is he.
2nd man says: I also ask John are you a loony human? and with his
reply, I could not recognize what is he too. 3rd man says: I also ask
John are you a wise devil? and with his...http://
Which major should I choose before law school if I want to practice
criminal and civil law and I also want in the future be a judge.The
majors that I like are criminal justice,politcal science and
finance.But I don't know which should I choose.I already know the
speech that law schools don't care about your mayor but I want to know
which one of those three could help me more in my goals fo practice
criminal and civil law and be a judge.Thanks a lot....http://
Everyday I wake up to my mom yelling about something I did. All she
does is come home from work sit on the couch and watch a movie she
gets from blockbuster everyday while we are suppose to be doing
chores. She dosnt let us watch her movies becuase she pays for them,.
we dont have cable and we havnt gone grocery shopping in two months
becuase she says we dont hav the money.( while she gets take out
everyday at work and a blockbuster movie everyday to. )She told me i
cant wash my clothes for...

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