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Default What is causing these waves on my screen? No one seems to know.

I've discovered my one month old display (Sony KP-57WS520) is causing
faint, "dancing" waves most notable on darker backgrounds -- these are
annoying!! The are kind of colorless -- kind of a grey color if
anything. They look like "noise." They usually move left to right,
though occasionally move from the lower left of screen to the upper
right of screen (ripple effect). They also vary in intensity. The
disappear for a minute....then come back...then go away for a few
seconds, etc. However, if you sit close to the screen, they seem to
always be there to at least some degree. Initially I thought this was
noise interference. However, I hooked up another display I have (Sony
KP61V80)to the same outlet, to the same player, etc. and the waves are
not there.

I've tried different cables, different inputs, different DVD players,
removing speakers away from TV, separating cables, plugging TV into
five different outlets in house --- I've tried everything except
powering my TV from a source independent from my house. Maybe I should
buy some kind of power backup thing and power the TV from there and

I'm told these waves are not a ground loop wave -- as that's different
in nature (more horizontal and upward in movement).

My house was just built last year and I live in a newer sub. I've
experienced no other kind of power issues at all. I also have a Monster
Stage 2 surge protector and power conditioner. The waves still appear
regardless of whether the set is plugged into it or not.

Is this probably my TV's fault? And if so, what of my TV would need to
be fixed or replaced? I suspected my the TV's power supply needs to be
replaced --- does this sound plausible?

Any advice please. I'm getting frustrated as you can tell. I've posted
this on my other forums and I get little if any response. It's
frustrating because I had a tech come out the other day. He didn't know
either. He thought I should just boost my contrast to 100% (no lie!!).
He called Sony -- they told him nothing. So, I called Sony and
escalated the matter --- they called me today and recommend I call
another servicer out which is what I did. Another place is coming out

So, what does this sound like? Bad TV power supply? Though I'm now told
bad power supply usually has more consistent waves.

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One month old display implies it's brand new. Gotta be under warranty.
Contact the "authorized service center" indicated in your point of sale
paperwork. Why would Sony tell you to use a different tech instead of
asking you to contact the retailer about unsatisfactory service? I
would demand the problem be corrected by a competent tech, or have the
set replaced. Trust me, cause enough stink, they will be glad to bend
over backwards to get rid of you. Now back to your original
question.....I am a beginner in repair, but I would start in a place
that is common to all inputs. A faulty component in the power supply is
possible. A bad supply is one that costs more money to repair than

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is brand new. I'm going to see what
this tech says --- if it's the same type of thing, I will probably go
the route of replacing the set.

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the color of the waves never change --- they are always just a
white-grey color. They don't even look like a color --- just that
"noise" look if you will. Also, if I flip through each input (video1,
video 2, etc.) the exact same wave pattern is present. Also, when the
waves are not present, there is some kind faint noise in the background
-- almost looks like smoke or gas. It's kind of wispy. Very, very

Finally, the higher the brightness level is on the TV, the easier they
are to see.

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