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Thanks JB,
That sounds like some great advice.


JB wrote:

I am lucky enough to own a whole family of pneumatic nailers from crown
staplers right up to a framer, roofing nailer and a new battery powered
finish nailer.

For installing things like prehung doors etc I like the 16 gage finish
nailer. However, for installing trim, I prefer the 18 gage brad nailer.
Reason is that you get less splitting and the brad nails are nearly
invisible if the depth is set properly. Many of the brad nails have brown
heads so if you and installing a darker colored trim there may be no need to
fill. As long as you get long enough brads, they will hold plenty tight.

"Edwin Pawlowski" wrote in message

"Jerry Schwartz" wrote in message
I'm not an expert, and don't own either. However, when some pros used a
nail gun to put our baseboards back after a remodeling project they
managed to nail a pipe. That makes me think a stapler is safer; but I
suppose another answer is to use shorter nails.

The staples can be as long as the nails so no advantage.