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Default Pneumatic Finish Nailer or pneumatic stapler

I just bought a pancake compressor and will soon buy a pneumatic nailer.
I have to eventually re-trim the whole house and will likely buy a 16
gauge finish nailer for that, unless someone suggests otherwise. I also
have to take a small closet door apart in the bathroom. What I'm going
to be doing is removing and replacing (moving it back further) the
little strips in the doorway that go up against the door when it's in
the closed postition, as it looks like they were improperly installed
the first time and causing an interference with the door. It was
originally fastened with some kind of small woodworking staples. I was
wondering if I should just use the finish nailer that I'll be getting on
this, or to get one on of the pneumatic staplers and fasten it the way
it originally was.

Thanks for any help,