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For the poster who thinks those nightlites are "limelights"....they're
called electroluminescent panels.

"Art" wrote in message
Replace the limelite with something else and see if it still trips. If
not there is something wrong with the limelite and discard it. For the
poster who did not know what a limelite is they are a flat green nightlite
with no bulb. Really nice item that can be found in almost any store these

"nr" wrote in message
I have a GFCI outlet that will run fine for days than trip. Attempts
to reset fail, but the next day it will reset OK then stay on for about
a week. I replaced the first GFCI outlet with a new one with the same

The only loads on the circuit when it fails are two Limelight
nightlights (not a lot of draw).

Any ideas what might be causing this to happen and/or how to correct?