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Default Simple question regarding Ceiling tiles and sound?

It's a question that I posted on many news groups, but no one
is willing to answer my actual question. It is a simple question. There
are two different ceiling tiles to choose from. One is light, flexible
and made fiber glass insulation. The other choice is a heavy tile, that is
hard (made out of asbestos or dry wall type of material, not sure though).
Which is better for sound insulation? Simple question right!!

I have asked a slew hard ware store to ask this very question and every
one a ask says the exact opposite. I have always heard that you need
mass and air space to have good sound insulation. My thinking is that
yes, hard objects carry sound, but since this ceiling is free floating and
supported only by wire, the sound will not travel through the hard tile.
Those that make sense.

I was just wondering if I replace my flexible 48" x 24" ceiling tiles with
the hard type (much heavier) will I notice the difference in sound

I call all kinds of hardware stores to see which of the two is better for
sound. The opinions are split 50/50 between flexible and hard type. I
personally think the hard type are better, I wonder if replacing them with
this type will actually make a noticeable difference to be worth replacing