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James Sweet
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"Bob Urz" wrote in message

Darren wrote:


My spare PC is in an AT case. It's currently powered by a 200w AT power

The motherboard has AT and ATX connectors. The mobo is an Epox EP-58
MVP3C-M and has power connectors for both AT and ATX cases.

I'm taking out the generic AT 200w power supply as it's getting old and

have a new 400w ATX power supply to put in.

The AT PSU has a power cord which runs to a button on the front of the


The ATX PSU does not have a power cord with a button attached to it.

I've noticed the mobo has a 2 pin connector labelled 'POWER-ON'.

After installing the new ATX PSU, is it a case of buying a power button

two wires that go to the 2 pin 'POWER-ON' connector?

If so, I'm not sure which pin will be positive and which will be

and I'm not sure my mobo manual tells me...

I suppose that electronics shops would stock these buttons.

I'm from downunder, if that helps with PC component location advice.

Thanks heaps


perhaps you can recycle the unused "Turbo" button......

That would work except that usually that's a latching button, though the
latch mechanism may be removable. Could use the reset button as well but
then of course you lose the reset function.