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Default Fixing Celotex to walls

Andy Hall wrote in message . ..

I insulated my single brick garage using Celotex by first making stud
framing in 75x50mm timber. The rectangular sections produced were
bolted to the floor using Rawlbolts and to the joists using carriage
screws. The rear face of the timber was spaced off from the wall by
about 25mm. The Celotex was cut and friction fitted into the frames
and then the joints taped with foil tape that they supply. Finally,
I clad the framing with 18mm ply. Having the timber framing spaced
off from the wall prevents cold bridging from the wall (although it
does allow some with the floor). An alternative would have been to
bolt the timbers directly to the wall but this would have bridged the
insulation - not necessarily that big a deal in a shed, although you
wouldn't do it in a dwelling. The cladding means that I can fit
light to medium weight things anywere on the walls with no hassle and
for heavier things I have very substantial studs at 600mm intervals.


I want to do something similar and had wondered why you used the
framing method (found in the archive). Now I understand.

Do I need ventilation for the airgap behind the celotex?

Is there another airgap between the celotex and the plywood or do you
fit the celotex flush with the outer face of the battens?

The celotex app notes also suggests using it to insulate the floor
with a covering of flooring grade chipboard. Anyone done this?