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Fraser Johnston
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"Don Wagner" wrote in message
"Chas" wrote:

"Don Wagner" wrote
What kind of training do you do?
We start our classes decoding divine script with the aid of magic
rocks. How about you?

Talkin' to the day-glo lizard about where he hid me Lucky Charms.

I've ended training sessions like that before....
The beatings will continue until morale improves.

I have to come train where you do. Sounds like my kind of place. For the
record I learnt everything I needed to know about the Mormon religon
watching Southpark. It is almost as crazy as the whole immaculate
conception thing. Tell me that Mary and Joseph, who were married, never had
sex and then gave birth to a son. Even 2000 years ago if they didn't have
pre-martial sex the first thing when you got married was to have sex until
you dropped. Either that or Joseph must of had calluses like a brickie from
tugging himself.