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Default Deoderant advertises suicide?

On 06/15/2021 09:20 AM, notX wrote:
On 6/15/21 9:24 AM, Wolffan wrote:


Obviously you havent encountered the packets of peanuts (and peanut
butter!) which have the warning that they 'may contain nuts' on the side.
(The same packets had a €˜Cholesterol-free label on them. Cholesterol is
an animal fat...)

Sometimes I've wondered how many people buy peanuts, with the
expectation there will be no nuts.

A person could have a tree nut allergy and not a peanut allergy.

I recently read where the frequency of peanut allergies is increasing.
The article concluded that mothers don't let kids eat peanuts for fear
they might be allergic which means the kid don't have an early exposure
and become desensitized.

Other sites blame it on the glyphosates and other herbicides/pesticides
used in modern peanut farming.

It's sad to think of a generation that can be killed by a pb&j sandwich.