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Default Deoderant advertises suicide?

Snit wrote
Rod Speed wrote
Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote

Well, I think you have to put dire warnings on everything these days.

No you dont with the obvious stuff.

Have you ever used used a ladder?

Impossible not to when you build a house on bare block of land,
have an row of trees close to the house on the south side of the
house in the southern hemisphere with some of them more than
100' high now. In fact I have 5 of them, two extension ladders,
two 8' step ladders, one small step ladder I use for stacking up
the milk crates full of full sized glass beer bottles we call long necks.

Not one of them has any warning at all.

However, if you try to kill yourself with it and this fails, can you
take makers to court for false advertising?

Nope, because it isnt advertising.

Commander Kinsey wrote

Why do they put death warnings on deoderant? Isn't that encouraging
suicide? I have one here that says "solvent abuse can kill instantly".
Well thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure to use that method now
you've told me about it....