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Default Deoderant advertises suicide?

Wolffan wrote
Rod Speed wrote
Brian Gaff wrote

Well, I think you have to put dire warnings on everything these days.

No you dont with the obvious stuff.

Obviously you havent encountered the packets of peanuts (and peanut
butter!) which have the warning that they 'may contain nuts' on the side.
(The same packets had a €˜Cholesterol-free label on them. Cholesterol is
an animal fat...)

Thats not everything. Mate of mine has just moved into a new house
that he has had a builder build for him. None of the taps have a
warning that you can drown in the water from the tap and none
of the cupboard doors have warnings on them that you can hurt
yourself if you arent careful with them. Same with the front door,
no warning that you can lock yourself out either. And the fence
doesnt have any warning that you can hurt yourself climbing over it.

However, if you try to kill yourself with it and this fails,
can you take makers to court for false advertising?

Nope, because it isnt advertising.

that wont stop the lawsuits...

Brian is in Britain, they arent that stupid there.
The commander is in Scotland.

Commander Kinsey wrote

Why do they put death warnings on deoderant? Isn't that encouraging
suicide? I have one here that says "solvent abuse can kill instantly".
Well thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure to use that method now
you've told me about it....