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On Tue, 15 Jun 2021 06:29:07 GMT, Puckdropper

I need a pickup once in a blue moon to get some plywood and the like. I've
looked at options like Menards (19.95 for the first 75 minutes, PLUS .30/mi
mileage, but at least you don't have to fuel it) or uHaul ($19.95 "in
town" PLUS .59/mi, PLUS $1 "environmental" fee, but I'm not sure if they
charge per hour or not.)
Is anyone familiar with a truck rental place that will be at least upfront
with me about the costs? If the truck costs $50 to rent, I want to know
that, not this $19.95 plus mileage and fees deceptive advertising they all

Since his car is unable to pull his old trailer, my brother has
taken-to renting a pickup or van when he needs one -
a few times per year at most. Being in a fairly small city, he
doesn't squabble about a minor price difference but rather
he's happy when one is available when he needs it.
In my experience - the daily rates are competitive but the
extra "insurance" and mileage costs can be quite different -
- note : if you are using your car's insurance policy to cover
the rental - double check with your insurance broker to
make sure that you are covered for a "commercial vehicle"
rental ! Most are not ..
John T.