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On Monday, June 14, 2021 at 2:58:16 AM UTC-4, Clare Snyder wrote:

Up here in the "interlaken" area of ontario where John and I live
you can have wild temperature swings - moderate weather, a quick short
thaw, and then drop to the cellar -as cold as -4F and lower for a few
days - with intense sun that melts snow on dark roofs while the air
temp stays sub-zeroF. That splits downspouts, particularly if the exit
is covered in ice. Sub zero F is not common - but happens - and it
doesn't need to be that cold to cause problems. You can split a
downspout with weather in the teens or twenties F - the colder the
faster the downspouts freeze and when you have clear skies it can be
REALLY COLD yet have very strong sun causing thawing and freezing at
the same time

Not too different from Michigan, although we don't get as much really
cold weather. Just enough different, it would seem. Once we get a
good layer of snow on the roof, it takes a lot of warm weather to melt it.

Cindy Hamilton