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Default OT need advice for my neighbor

"Dean Hoffman" wrote
micky wrote

OT My neighbors say their daughter is getting married in October. They
are all very conservative, especially the daughter and her fiance. And
they've been following very carefully the recount in Arizona. And they
are Catholic and they've arranged for the marriage to be peformed by
Father Ninja. They say he's best, strongest priest anyone can find,
and they'll really be married after he does it.

My neighbors don't think Father Ninja is a real priest and they've asked
my advice, and I'm asking you, What should I tell them?

Must be much worse now that there is such a desperate shortage of priests.

Unlikely, if someone claiming to be a priest shows up claiming to be
on holiday and offering to do a mass or two as a standin for a priest
who finds it very onerous to travel to do masses in various churches
to demand the right letter or celebret.