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Default Halogen to be banned

On 09/06/2021 17:28, T i m wrote:
On Wed, 9 Jun 2021 11:50:53 +0100, Chris Green wrote:

T i m wrote:
On Wed, 9 Jun 2021 10:40:48 +0100, ss wrote:

On 09/06/2021 10:08, Brian Gaff (Sofa) wrote:
Yes not new news, just the timescale is now known, how is it then that I can
still buy tungsten bulbs in the high street?
I get the distinct impression that like lots of things, the law is just
ignored when it suits people.

Many tungsten were sold on ebay as `heaters`the wording got them around
the restrictions.

Which is probably a more accurate description of them, given most of
the energy going into them is converted into heat!

Same applies to LEDs, even the best are still only in the 30% to 40%
sort of area if you include the losses in the associated drivers etc.

Yeahbut, turn a 60W incandescent lamp on for 10 seconds and then try
and touch it. Have a 60W (light equiv) LED lamp on for 10 minutes and
it will still only feel warm?

Suggesting, that (light) like for like, LED's are generally much more
efficient as they generally run much cooler?

(I've got a 15W (equiv) desk lamp on here set up to the Home
Automation to come on when the light level drops below a certain
threshold and it's been on for a couple of hours now. Whilst it's
'warm' I can still easily unscrew it and take it out, not something
I'd try with even a 15W incandescent that had been on for a fraction
of that time). ;-(

Ulitimately of course *all* the energy ends up as heat.

What, even the stuff coming out as visible light / UV light?

Of course not. That becomes pixie dust.