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Default Halogen to be banned

On 09/06/2021 17:45, T i m wrote:
On Wed, 09 Jun 2021 16:35:31 +0100, "Dave Plowman (News)"

In article ,
T i m wrote:
On Wed, 09 Jun 2021 15:57:24 +0100, Scott


Even better, you can get direct substitutes. I bought two four foot
long LED tubes for the utility room, which fitted the existing ballast
after replacing the starter with a dummy.

I've *just* picked up a high output 5' LED florry replacement for a
fitting in the study / workshop but the fitting is electronic so I'm
going to have to bypass all the 'guts'.

The main reason for doing it isn't (primarily) the light but the hope
it will get rid of the mains hum ... ;-(

Mains hum from an electronic ballast? Something not right there as they
(should) run at a higher frequency to get rid of flicker.

Agreed, however, the 'hum' clearly goes on and off with the light so
if it's not from the fitting it's from the tube itself? Unfortunately
I can't easily test the LED tube in there because it's an HF fitting.

But then I did have similar with one of the 6' fittings in the kitchen
that was the LED tube (I just thought I hadn't noticed it with the
florry). Took all the guts out completely, that fitting with the
second hand LED tube in it still hummed like a goodun? ;-(

Two new LED tubes from TLC seemed to cure it. ;-)

(I may be hypersensitive to 50hz because of my tinnitus).

Most LED tube replacements specifically say they should not be fitted
without the HF ballast first being removed.