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Default OT: Problems with Moto G 6-plus Phone

On 08/06/2021 23:23, Roger Mills wrote:

My phone tends to suffer from two problems - which may or may not be
related. [Moto g(6)plus, Android 9, Build: PPW29-116-20-28]

I have the same phone on the same OS revision. Not had either of those
on mine...

Have had a funny where it makes no sound when ringing, but vibrates
still, and works when you answer. A power cycle fixes that.

Firstly, it sometimes refuses to answer an incoming call. I can tap
Accept, or swipe up - depending on what it was doing at the time - but
it just goes on ringing until it goes to voicemail.

Secondly, I frequently lose incoming sound in the middle of a call. The
person the other end can apparently hear me, but I can't hear them. [The
call starts ok with 2-way speech, but this typically happens a minute or
so into the call.

Does the same happen via bluetooth?



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