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Default Stairlift - batteries/maintenance/instruction/opinions

On 07/06/2021 13:32, Chris Bacon wrote:
On 07/06/2021 12:23, AnthonyL wrote:
My neighbour got a Horizon Platinum stair lift in 10yrs ago for his
wife.* Shortly afterwards she became totally bedridden so the lift
hasn't been used.

He had tried to get it removed, expecting some payment but he was told
he would have to pay to have it taken away.* I can't work out if this
is fair or a means of extracting more from the elderly.

In any event he now has need of the device himself.

He can't find the instructions though it doesn't seem that hard to
operate, but there is a low battery warning.* I guess this is
understandable anyway after 10yrs but I can't find any instructions as
to how to replace them, or what regular maintenance is needed eg

If he decides he does not want to retain it and views as to fair and
reasonable alternatives?* It is a straight staircase - a dozen steps.

Unless money is no object, fix it. There should be lots of information
available in the form of installation guides like this:

which may be similar (note: "Ameriglide Horizon (platinum)). You have to
be a bit inventive with searches, and realise that while the sale,
service and parts market is jealously guarded, there are holes.

These things normally have yearly maintenance, which seems to be
somewhat limited, unless they develop a fault. If he wants to get shot
of it, there is a market (e.g. eBay) but prices are low.

I bought an Acorn straight stairlift for someone, and installed it
myself, it was not difficult.

I find the rip-off tactics in much or the disability market to be
extremely distasteful.


Encounters with disabled products vendors representatives are very much
a count your fingers before and after every encounter affair. Creative
Googling will find some useful info for most of them sometimes even the
odd "how to" videos on Youtube.

Looks a likely candidate to me. Good luck. You might need to buy the odd
specialist allen key to get inside but that is about it.

Good luck

Martin Brown