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Default Stairlift - batteries/maintenance/instruction/opinions

On 07/06/2021 12:23, AnthonyL wrote:
My neighbour got a Horizon Platinum stair lift in 10yrs ago for his
wife. Shortly afterwards she became totally bedridden so the lift
hasn't been used.

He had tried to get it removed, expecting some payment but he was told
he would have to pay to have it taken away. I can't work out if this
is fair or a means of extracting more from the elderly.

In any event he now has need of the device himself.

He can't find the instructions though it doesn't seem that hard to
operate, but there is a low battery warning. I guess this is
understandable anyway after 10yrs but I can't find any instructions as
to how to replace them, or what regular maintenance is needed eg

If he decides he does not want to retain it and views as to fair and
reasonable alternatives? It is a straight staircase - a dozen steps.

If your neighbour does need a stairlift it will be far cheaper to sort
the batteries on the existing one rather than replace it with a
different one.

If it works the same way as a Stannah which I removed for a friend of
mine a year or so ago, the batteries will be attached to the chair. The
chair will be battery driven and the batteries will be trickle charged
from a mains charger when the chair is parked. The batteries may
actually be ok, and just suffering from dis-use. It may be worth
motoring the chair up and down and few time, leaving the batteries to
re-charge, and then repeating a couple of time. If it still reports
battery low, then replace them. You should find generic replacements
online if you remove them to find the spec.

If it runs out of battery away from a parking/charging location, there
should be a cranking handle you can fit to wind it to the end, after
removing a small cover. But that takes for ever - so find a socket which
fits the spindle and power it with an electric drill instead.