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Default OT: Manual or automatic gearbox? and XC60 opinion...

On 26/05/2021 13:03, R D S wrote:
I'm looking for a car, XC60 2.0 D4 if anyone has any opinions on those.

I've never owned an automatic and never wanted one but I test drove one
yesterday and while i'm not going to be buying that particular one
having driven it i'm wondering if i'd actually prefer an auto. It
certainly wasn't like autos of old that i've driven.

But if I come back to the idea i'd prefer a manual I can save a couple
of grand.

Looking for opinions from anyone who's changed sides.

Auto, DSG.

I have a car that does everything to not get involved with the drudgery
of driving.

I like it, it's a motorised armchair pulling me from A to B with
automatic gears and brakes. I just point it, and switch on the radar
equipped cruise control. Automatic handbrake when it comes to a stop.
Automatic crawl in traffic if the car in front decides to move forward
in the queue. A camera recognises speed signs.

Not autopilot on the steering yet, but given that's electric - a few
GPIO pins on a raspberry pi should be easy to interface.... (just kiddin')

If I feel a bit bored and can afford the fuel, I have a few button
options to go manual, wreak the comfort, and enjoy the 'die trying hit'.

But then there's the downsides, that all of this is software driven, and
there is an AI somewhere. Ye have to be be aware second guessing what it
could do next.

So my car looks for things in front, and stays a configured distance
behind them. Collision avoidance.

If the car in front stupidly hits the speed limit and afterwards careers
into the suddenly braked car car in front of it, my car gently puts the
brakes on, checks if I'm awake, and if not, then slams on the anchors in
the middle of the road. Then I presumably get gently awoken to being
rear ended by the car behind, while being surrounded by exploding pillows.

Nice attention to detail... the next release of the model is said to be
much improved, by steering the car to near the pavement.

Some people don't like tech - this car would be the source of a million
questions "why on earth did it do that?"

Adrian C