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On Tue, 8 Jun 2021 09:21:09 +0000, Spike

On 07/06/2021 11:17, T i m wrote:
Spike wrote:

So you don't believe in freedom of choice.

Of course, so why have you (allegedly) 'chosen' not to eat cows and
sheep but do eat everything else?

It's called 'freedom of choice',

snip distraction
Yes, I get that, no question, but *why* have you (supposedly) *chosen*
not to eat cows or sheep in particular? I mean, you must have an idea
mustn't you?


Anyone would think you were lying and you do eat cows and sheep?

I can't answer for what other people think.

That wasn't the question.

That was the answer to your question.

Nope. That's what a left brainer troll would think was a / the

No one is questioning (or interested in) your freedom of choice,

Then stop questioning my freedom of choice.

I haven't, ever. I was asking you to define what logic / decision when
behind your choices, so far it seems you either don't know yourself or
can't answer because you are lying?

That *is* questioning my choice, as well as being abusive.

Aww, poor baby. Now, why did you choose to not eat cows or sheep?

How can I question your choice (as in the choices) when you don't seem
able to explain *why* you (or someone / thing else) *made* those

snip pathetic distraction

Ok, so now (in true Spuke style) we must conclude you are either lying
and you do eat cows and sheep or you don't have a clue why you don't.

To make a statement like 'I don't eat cows and sheep' implies at some
point along the line a choice was made, so maybe it was made for you
and hence why you can't bring yourself to explain why.

I'll give you some examples of the specific things I don't (say)
consume and *why*.

I don't generally eat courgette or marrow because I don't like the
taste. I can / do eat them if 'lost' ... don't 'feature' in other

I don't generally drink spirits. I don't really like the taste. I
don't mind some liqueurs (if they are counted as spirits) and don't
drink much wine (when I do I can drink it like water).

I no longer eat any milk, eggs or meat because I no longer want to be
part of the cause of the suffering, exploitation and death that

I have never eaten loads of other animals (like rabbit, Guinea pig,
pheasant, squid / octopus, escargot, monkey, snake, veal, cat, dog)
because my logical inconsistency drew the line there.

See, choices based on reasons, things I can answer because I'm not a
pathetic troll hiding behind something.

Person: 'Spuke, would you like Coke or Pepsi?'
Spuke: 'I don't drink Coke so Pepsi please'.
Person: 'Oh, you don't like Coke'?
Spuke: 'I don't know'.
Person: 'What, you haven't tried it?'
Spuke: 'No, because it's my choice'
Person: Yes, of course, but why OOI?'
Spuke: 'Because'.
Person: 'You are a ****ing nutter mate ... and why are you down there
digging that deep hole anyway ...?'

Cheers, T i m