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Default Removing facefbook

On 08/06/2021 07:09, tim... wrote:

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* tim... wrote:

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** Broadback wrote:
Is there an easy way to remove it in total from my computer please?

Eh? It's simply another URL on my browser. Remove it from that address
book and in practice it no longer exists.

except for the hundreds of websites with Facebook buttons on them

many of which will be silently [1] collecting data about you for storage
on the FB server

If a site you choose to visit passes on data to another, the solution is
in your hands.

non trivially though


[1] after you have accepted cookies, of course

Which is your choice.

as I want sites where I "log in" to keep my log in persistent, I have no
choice but to globally accept cookies

The tiny benefit of turning cookies off so that I can't be tracked, just
isn't worth the hassle of have to manually log on each time that I visit
a site

More to the point, there are plenty of tracking technologies that work
just fine with cookies disabled.

Another case of poor legislation. They wanted to ban a behaviour (i.e.
tracking) but instead proscribed a particular technology that was
currently used to support tracking rather than actually banning tracking
itself. So it just means that anyone wanting to track is still free to
do so, but need to use a different technology like browser
fingerprinting etc. More to the point, we now get daft cookie popups on
every site, that confuse most visitors, and don't actually address the
behaviour they wanted to legislate against.



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