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On Mon, 7 Jun 2021 10:22:09 +0000, Spike


So still no actual answer then?

So you don't believe in freedom of choice.

Of course, so why have you (allegedly) 'chosen' not to eat cows and
sheep but do eat everything else?

snip more distraction and bs

Anyone would think you were lying and you do eat cows and sheep?

I can't answer for what other people think.

That wasn't the question.

No one is questioning (or interested in) your freedom of choice,

Then stop questioning my freedom of choice.

I haven't, ever. I was asking you to define what logic / decision when
behind your choices, so far it seems you either don't know yourself or
can't answer because you are lying?

No-one questions yours.

Bwhahaha ... that *ALL* you have been doing all along you freak!

So, *exactly* do you say you don't eat sheep and cows but eat
everything else?

I'm not questioning your freedom to make such choices.

I'm not questioning your actual choices.

I'm asking why you *made* such choices.

You may not have the (very basic answer) because:

1) You are lying.

2) You don't know (because you are an idiot).

3) Reasons you don't want to reveal here because you are worried about
the reaction.

4) Your deity / cult leader / voices_in_your_head / carer have
forbidden you from saying?

Cheers, T i m

p.s. What is interesting here is that I have answered all the question
you and the others (well, ignoring the sickest of the trolls etc) have
put to me (because you are so interested to follow my lifestyle) and
this is the first question I have asked you and you won't / can't