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Default Apologies...

"JNugent" wrote in message
On 06/06/2021 06:28 pm, anon wrote:
"JNugent" wrote in message
On 06/06/2021 05:27 pm, anon wrote:

I suggest you check again. Because accusations of forgery. even when totally
unwarranted as in this case, can undermine trust in the Group.

I am accusing no-one.


"JNugent" wrote in message

This is weird. I do not recall writing or posting that at all and there is no copy of
it in my "Sent" folder.


But as you probably know, there has been a certain amount of forgery in a few other

Its perfectly reasonable for anyone to interpret the above statement as accusing
of having posted that particular message; *even more so* when forgeries have emerged
other groups

I am accusing no-one.

I can certainly identify no-one to accuse.

Whom do you say is being accused?

Whoever it was, who wrote and posted the message you yourself do not recall writing or

Unless of course you're suggesting that Usenet messages are capable of spontaneously
writing and posting themselves using an identical NewsReader, NewsServer and posting
address as you yourself.