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Default Apologies...

On 06/06/2021 06:28 pm, anon wrote:
"JNugent" wrote in message
On 06/06/2021 05:27 pm, anon wrote:

I suggest you check again. Because accusations of forgery. even when totally
unwarranted as in this case, can undermine trust in the Group.

I am accusing no-one.


"JNugent" wrote in message

This is weird. I do not recall writing or posting that at all and there is no copy of
it in my "Sent" folder.


But as you probably know, there has been a certain amount of forgery in a few other

Its perfectly reasonable for anyone to interpret the above statement as accusing someone
of having posted that particular message; *even more so* when forgeries have emerged on
other groups

I am accusing no-one.

I can certainly identify no-one to accuse.

Whom do you say is being accused?