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Default Escape from a locked car

On 03/06/2021 13:33, The Natural Philosopher wrote:
On 03/06/2021 13:07, Jethro_uk wrote:
On Thu, 03 Jun 2021 12:39:13 +0100, Pancho wrote:

A vet has drowned in her car.

Astonishingly in my car there appears no way to get out from inside if
it is locked and/or the electrics are off.

Apparently the answer is to have a device to break the side door glass.

I was looking at:




Do they work?, my gut feeling is the hammer would be best.

Irrespective of that, escaping from a submerged (or submerging) car isn't
a walk in the park. It may well be that the driver could have perished
with the windows broken anyway.

The stock advice is to open the windows as soon as you are in a flood.
then if you cant open the doors wait until the water is inside the car
to the same level as outside

THEN you can open the door

Of course the doors may not have been locked, or they may have been damaged

My van goes into eco mode a few minutes after the engine is turned off
(and stalling it does the same thing - I tried it today to see what
would happen after seeing this thread).

The electric windows would not open in eco mode.

You can open the doors with the door handle but probably not if under
water pressure.

So yes windows down ASAP.

It was a tragic accident but you cannot help feeling that some of these
drivers are taking the **** out of the BMW owner. S