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Default Escape from a locked car

"newshound" wrote in message
On 03/06/2021 21:20, NY wrote:


I was impressed when my wife called in an accident while we were driving
on the A1 a few years ago. The emergency operator didn't need to be told
where we were and said "ah yes, I can see you've just passed the turning
to Kirk Smeaton, heading north". The phone had its GPS turned on (we were
recording a track on Viewranger) so I wonder if the location is
automatically passed to the 999 operator if GPS is enabled. It was too
precise to be based on triangulation of various in-range mobile phone
masts. If he'd quoted the location of the accident, I'd have said that
someone else had phoned in already, but he told us where we were at the
time of the call, which was a bit further north, allowing for delays in
"d'you think we ought to phone 999?", finding the phone and in dialling

I'm sure your phone GPS hadn't told them. I expect they could see you on
the cameras, maybe your phone number had let them guess at your
numberplate (from tax renewal on-line), and one of the ANPR cameras
allowed them to home in on the vehicle.

Yes, that's plausible. But if so, it all happened very quickly:

999: Hello, which service do you need.
Wife: Police
999: [pause of a couple of seconds] Hello, police emergency.
Wife: I'm reporting a car crash northbound A1. We're...
999: Yes, we can see you've just passed the turning to Kirk Smeaton.

So within about 10 seconds my my wife dialling 999, the police operator had
identified our location, either by GPS or by relating her phone number to
her car and then seeing that car on one of the ANPR cameras.

How ever they did it, it was impressive.