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Default Gas hob safety cut out?

On 02/06/2021 10:31, AnthonyL wrote:
My elderly neighbour was immobile yesterday and rang me for help. I
walked into the house and there was a very stong smell of gas. Is hob
was on, with no flame, apparently from the night before when he heated
some beans in a pan.

Now I'm somewhat confused as to how come it was still on with no
flame. If he'd forgotten to turn it off the flame would still be
burning. If he'd turned it on but didn't ignite then surely it should
have cut out the gas? Our gas hob let gas through without a flame.

Or could he have done it on purpose? Worrying.

It is a Stoves Newhome DF 600 SI Dom - I can't find much about it.

If it's faulty he needs it fixed, if that' how it works he needs a gas

If it has a glass fold down lid, they often have a facility to cut off
the gas when you close the lid. It might be if it does not have an
effective FFD, that he closed it when still burning, then later opened
it thus restoring the gas flow but without a flame.



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