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Default A Big Climate Problem With Few Easy Solutions: Planes

On Thu, 3 Jun 2021 20:42:50 +0100, The Natural Philosopher


T i m is in my killfile because its not possible to have an intelligent
conversation with him and because he has never contributed any D-I-Y
knowledge I found valuable, prior to being kill filed.

Bwhahahahaha. Oh you are funny Turnip!

You are regularly replying to me from behind your cowardly killfile
because that's all you are, a pathetic old coward!

cost benefit analysis suggested to me that engaging with him or even
reading his posts was a complete waste of my time

Of course it was ... except your analysis then was a good as it is in
most of the crap you try to post ... yet again, here we are with your
'wasting time' discussing me! You really couldn't make this stuff up
but I'm sure it won't stop you still trying.

Now if I really didn't post anything worthy of attention you (or the
other trolls) simply wouldn't reply to it ever ... and I'm really
looking forward to that day!

Cheers, T i m