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Default OT: Happy 'World Milk Day'. (Not if you are a dairy cow ofcourse).

On 01/06/2021 22:09, T i m wrote:
On Tue, 01 Jun 2021 13:59:59 +0100, "Dave Plowman (News)"

In article ,
NY wrote:

I've got a great idea. I'll carry on eating meat and drinking milk because I
put humans' needs/desires before animals'. You carry on not doing so, for
very valid ethical reasons (even if I disagree with them).

And let's neither of us try to foist our opinions on the other.

I think Timmy also needs to talk to a few leopards, etc, if he wants the
young of all species preserved.

Oh please. Dave, look up 'livestock' and 'wild animals' and see if you
can spot any differences (oh, and where have I even mentioned anything
close to expecting 'the young of all species to be preserved')?

Livestock seem to have an easy life in comparison with wild animals.

Animals using another species for their own selfish needs is rife in

Ah, so you are setting your moral standards to be the same as that of
a wild animal that often has no choice? That opens up all sorts of
possibilities for you then doesn't but just check first how many are
illegal. ;-(

We are an animal, with dietary need that include meat products. Now if
we had 3 stomachs then we could chew on grass for 24/7.......

And good luck on your 'natural hunt' with your 5mm canine teeth and
digestive system that can't easily process raw meat (like a leopard
has to as an obligate carnivore).

That is why we have developed cooking skills.