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Default OT: Happy 'World Milk Day'. (Not if you are a dairy cow of course).

On Tue, 01 Jun 2021 17:29:06 +0100,
(#Paul) wrote:

T i m wrote:
It's actually quite sad how so many are completely ignorant
of what has to go on for us to be able to take the milk away
from the young of a different species, even thinking us 'milking
cows' (/goats etc) is something that has to be done 'anyway' and
so we are doing them a favour!

We might arguably not be doing "cows" as some sort of species-group
any favours,

Quite, given they wouldn't actually exist in such a mutated state if
it weren't for out intrusion. Why would they?

but the individual dairy-herd cows - yes, we are
doing them a favour by milking them.

Only because we artificially inseminate them then take their calves
away and kill them?

As I understand it, they
have been bred to produce so much milk that *not* milking them
regularly would have significant negative consequences.

Quite, Darwin would have a plan for them (in nature) wouldn't he?

You are admitting the only way they could survive is by our continuing
to exploit them (so we should)? ;-)

Cheers, T i m