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Default Spontaneous shattering of double glazed panels

That sounds like a great service, well done Velux. Id definitely look into their products in future.
Sadly the company I used (Creative View in Clacton) have no interest in helping us, or customer service with reassurance if it will, or might happen again.
We have tried to challenge the warranty /guarantees to no avail. Their only comment is we can get another glass unit, but it wont be the same colour, itll cost £1200, take 2-3 months and they want 75% payment up front!!!!
Ive asked other glazers (weve been quoted approx £280 - £300 by four different ones), but using someone else will probably invalidate our original 10 year warranty, and guarantees, if theres any other issues (not that the guarantees seem worth the paper they are written on!!).

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