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Default Spontaneous shattering of double glazed panels

Myself I'd query the warranty not covering it. After all if it is known to
be a problem then are they supplying dangerous products?When mass producing
units the cost of the proper glass for the inside would be minimal I'd have
thought. Besides it would be nice to know what eye mechanism for it is.


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"2dallies" wrote in message
Hi, we have just had the same problem. Inside window of double glazed roof
panel blew and shattered everywhere. I was sitting under it, luckily was
agile enough to move quickly, but if a child, elderly person or my animals
were sitting underneath it could have killed them! The conservatory's
only 2 and a half years old, Creative View who built it all say 'it's
common' and say our 10 year guarantees and insurances don't cover this (?)
and want 1200 to fit a new panel!! Given there are lots of panels and
they give no explanation of why or would even visit to check, I'm to
scared to use the conservatory again, or let anyone else in there. Anyone
know how to prevent this happening again? Do I not use heating in there
(though it wasn't on as it was 9.30am on a sunny morning and the doors
were open). Or where to get protective film (as a previous post suggests).
Or some sort of netting to catch the glass? Thank You

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