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Default How deep into the wood should a screw go?

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A good rule of thumb is that the screw should drive through
to about half the thickness of the bottom piece.
So a 1" thick piece being screwed to a 2" thick piece should have a 2" screw.

I need to hang some 1/4 luan on a 6 x 12 beam. I guess I need a 6 screw.
Oh...wait...the bottom piece will be the luan. I only need a 1/8 screw.

Good one.
... I guess that good-rule-of-thumb
was just pushed into the table saw blade ! :-)
John T.

I never heard of any such rule of thumb. Up to a certain
point, I just want my screws short enough that their points
don't protrude. If the bottom piece is thick enough, I
shoot for a screw that's at least twice as long as the
top piece's thickness. So screwing two 1" boards together
I'd go for a 1 3/4" screw. Screwing a 1" board to a 2"
board, a 2" or 2 1/2" screw. IOW, I just try to apply
a little common sense.

How do you hang sheetrock? 4/6" screws?

Till the glue dries

Wow! I don't want to be the next guy remodeling the place. I bet
you're going to hang wall paper on it too. ...and use Elmer's?

Actually, a friend remodeled commercial office spaces, he used liquid
nail to attach 5/8" fire rated drywall to the steel wall studs.

As for the till the glue dries comment, you shooting for curmudgeon of
the year, or have you forgotten Norm of New Yankees Workshop.