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Default Bloody customers

On 29/04/2021 18:56, Tim+ wrote:
ARW wrote:
On 26/04/2021 20:24, Scott wrote:
On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 19:34:31 +0100, ARW

Went to a job today where the customer said the landing socket made a
fizzing noise when it was used.

Late 60's early 70's build and probably the original socket.

So I just swapped it. The customer then said "I'll go and get the
hairdrier as that the only thing that makes it fizz. Mind you it does
that to all the sockets in the house"

FFS You could see the sparks on the hairdrier flex when she turned it on.

I assume you told her all the sockets would need to be changed.


To be fair I did an earth loop on the socket before I swapped it. There
was nothing to report as it was in expected values.

I was thinking along the lines of dirty worn live or neutral earth
connections on the sleeves of the socket.

Now I did find two sockets on an EICR a few weeks ago that had no earth
with the plug in earth loop test.

The earth loop was fine if conducted on the terminals of the socket
using the prongs.

I took a few photos after stripping the socket down that I will post
them over the weekend.

The sockets had no earth when a socket was inserted!

A plug surely? ;-)

Thanks for that.

I stripped down the back of the socket and inserted a plug to see what