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Default Cracks in walls?

On 30/04/2021 10:27, R D S wrote:
When it was freezing cold over winter I noted that our back doors were
catching, but they've since sorted themselves out. I'm aware that's not

Recently I've noticed a crack in some plaster above the bathroom window,
similar above a bedroom door and there's a small gap between the wall
and the some of the skirting on the stairs. Only a mm or two but there's
definitely things shifting.

I'm hoping it's climate or coincidence but we had a downstairs wall out*
a couple of years ago and it's making me paranoid!

Talk to me about your cracks and hopefully put my mind at rest.

*Load bearing wall, 2 rooms into one done by a builder and a concrete
lintel put in that's sitting on one skin of brick of the internal wall.

A general rule of thumb is that horizontal or vertical cracks of a few
mm aren't usually anything to worry about. It's when they are diagonal
down a wall it could be time to call in a structural engineer.