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Default Cracks in walls?

A friend of mine has a victorian house with a crack up the bedroom and
across the ceiling vary as the weather changes. I'm assuming its normal,
since they have sought advice and they were told that is just how they are,
and to use some modern pliable fillers.


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"newshound" wrote in message
On 30/04/2021 10:33, R D S wrote:
On 30/04/2021 10:27, R D S wrote:
Recently I've noticed......

115 year old terrace, probably worth mentioning.

Yes indeed. That means it won't have concrete foundations to "modern"
spec. I'm assuming you don't have nearby trees of any size?

OK, just past Victorian but I think the construction is likely to be
similar. They didn't normally skimp on materials if you exclude the single
skin extensions at the back. I'd guess these are settlement cracks
associated with the new work, but I'd expect it to slow down and stop.
Apply filler and wait a year.