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Default Cracks in walls?

On Friday, April 30, 2021 at 10:27:15 AM UTC+1, R D S wrote:
When it was freezing cold over winter I noted that our back doors were
catching, but they've since sorted themselves out. I'm aware that's not

Recently I've noticed a crack in some plaster above the bathroom window,
similar above a bedroom door and there's a small gap between the wall
and the some of the skirting on the stairs. Only a mm or two but there's
definitely things shifting.

I'm hoping it's climate or coincidence but we had a downstairs wall out*
a couple of years ago and it's making me paranoid!

Talk to me about your cracks and hopefully put my mind at rest.

*Load bearing wall, 2 rooms into one done by a builder and a concrete
lintel put in that's sitting on one skin of brick of the internal wall.

The cracks above the windows and doors may be due to timber lintels expanding and contracting they usually appear as L shaped cracks just beyond the reveals where the end of the lintel would be.