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Default OT opening an Excel document stored on Google Drive

Well this is exactly why I use dropbox.
Sometimes google drive will be fine, ie copy the file to your normal folder
and open it, but increasingly it was becoming a pain, having to somehow use
open with etc as if windows had changed the default program when trying to
get stuff from Google. On dropbox its really just another folder of course
and there is no issue.
I'm sure somebody more into the Googleverse might explain how simple it
is, but sometimes you don't want to have to read the bloody manual to do
what you used to do without it.


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"Murmansk" wrote in message
A friend of mine works from home since last March and they use Google Drive
to store stuff and Google Sheets for spreadsheets.

Problem is some stuff needs to be in Excel as some "customers" can't use
Google sheets and need a "proper" spreadsheet!

My friend had a problem with her computer and lost access to some Excel
stuff that was on her local hard disk. I wondered why she didn't have
these vital Excel files stored on Google Drive so they'd be accessible
even though her computer was knackered.

She has some Excel files stored on Drive but claims that they end up being
opened in Google Sheets rather than Excel.

Are you getting bored yet!?

I seemed to me that she "simply" needs to go into Excel then go File,
Open, navigate to Google Drive and open the Excel file in question - but
it's not that easy it seems!

Has anyone else been though this pain? Is it possible? Doesn't seem much
to ask to me but it looks like it's harder than it should be!