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On 29 Apr 2021 10:49:46 GMT, Tim Streater

On 29 Apr 2021 at 11:27:31 BST, Martin Brown

On 28/04/2021 19:01, Michael Chare wrote:

The sitting room has a large window. The central glass panel is about 8'
wide by 6' high. The glass panel has an aluminium frame going round it
and was fitted from the outside into another aluminium frame that
attaches to a wooden frame.* Arround the outer aluminium frame there are
10 holes about 8mm in diameter. These holes allow access to small
posidrive screws which I think pull the glass aluminium frame towards
the aluminium frame in the wooden frame.

It is very unusual to have a window that can be easily dismantled from
the outside. I'd be surprised if that interpretation is correct.

One DG outfit we looked at wanted to provide DG that was glazed from the
outside. That is, once the frame was in plate, the DG unit itself would be
offered up from the outside and then the glazing bars added from the outside.
I think their view was that as there was sticky in the opening, even if the
glazing bar were removed from the outside (easy), it would then be very hard
to get the DG unit out.

We took the view that we'd rather DG units were glazed from the inside (with
no sticky inside the frame) and could then be replaced more easily if needed.

A school I worked at had been double-glazed from the outside. No
sticky was involved - which seemed pretty insecure for a building with
hundreds of computers and other equipment inside but it turned out to
be a blessing for the relief caretaker who accidentally locked himself
out one night.

He got a couple of tools out of his car, used them to pop the trim off
one of the windows and pull out the glazing panel before he climbed
back inside and retrieved his keys.