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Default Bloody Amazon!

Who was the carrier, I expect they gave it to somebody at another address

Many of their drivers seem to get lost!

I'm sure there is a telephone number somewhere.


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"Scott" wrote in message
On Wed, 28 Apr 2021 09:56:10 +0100, gareth evans

Been waiting in all day for a parcel delivery, and then
receive an email saying not only has it been delivered,
but that is was handed to me personally, BUT NOTHING

Obviously now need an email address or a telephone no
to talk directly to a human, but either are impossible
to find on their web page.

Tried using the assistant, but you just go round in circles.

How the hell do I get Amazon to investigate and then correct
matters, for the web site for this item continues to insist
that it has been delivered and there is no option against the
purchase to register the dissatisfaction?

Could you not make one call (successful or not) then request a
chargeback from your card issuer?