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Default OT - let's bring it home

The aim is to get it discussed and to have the current system changed to stop money being "exported" and fans being exploited.

What has happened over the last 20 years is that big clubs get taken over by foreign "investors" who heap debt on to the books after they extract squillions in dividend. The club then has to service that debt.

The German model of 51% fan ownership means this exploitation does not happen. The retained earnings are invested in better facilities, training and development. On Germany ticket prices are less than £20. Over here the fans get ripped off for £95 a go. Then there's the shirts - they are uip to £95 each and they change them every year at least one for both home and away strips.

Now ask yourself which is the most successful team in Europe over the last 10 years - it's one from Munich.

In terms of "Community", ownership by fans would probably see money trickle down to smaller teams to fund better facilities and training.
Legislation could also be put in place to have clubs support the wider local community. THat way the money goes around locally, rather than go to the likes of the Glazers, Fenway Sports, Stan Kroenke and Abramobitch