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Default OT - let's bring it home

"Bazza" wrote in message
Football as we used to know it was a local community matter. Let's bring it back home

The reason football isn't a local community matter any more is because pitches and
changing rooms which used to be provided by local authorities for the numerous local
leagues were found to be uneconomical to run. And so were all shut down Same as
the sale of school playing fields.

As to the 0.001% of football played by the 6 or so top clubs, nowadays often
featuring foreign players earning millions of pounds per year these have
*never* been a local community matter. Their wages nowadays are paid by
TV, generated by screening matches worldwide. If you want community
football then support local teams in the lower leagues. Unless you're
claiming every football supporter lives in Manchester Liverpool or

As to the top clubs while many started as church or works teams as soon as they
joined professional leagues stadiums were required which required large scale
investment from businessman hoping to make a profit.

Two of the clubs still signed up for this "uncompetitive greedy ESL" are Barcelona
and Real Madrid. Both of which are owned by their supporters. The reason they
support the ESL is because in the absence of a sugar daddy, both are in danger
of going bust.

As to all the demonstrations, the spoiled supporters of the top six clubs are always
blaming the owners if they lose more than three matches on the trot. Pathetic isn't
too strong a word for them.

michael adams