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Default OT: Car battery volt drop

On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 10:49:13 +0100, alan_m

On 27/04/2021 08:49, T i m wrote:

Is this a lithium pack alan?

Yes, the power brick is 6 x 3x 1.5 inches with a torch and USB socket
as well as the short jumper lead.

DBpower DJS10

It comes in a robust 9 x 5 x 4 inch case containing all the accessories
(mains charging adapter, 12V charging adapter, USB lead, short jumper lead)

Sounds very much like the one I have then. ;-)

I have a lithium pack that I have used successfully many times but as
you say, you do need to ensure it's kept reasonably 'ready' (not sure
it's good to keep lithiums at 100% charge when in storage) whereas the
super capacitive starters don't need to be kept ready, so could be
better for true long term 'emergency' use.

Mine seems to have lasted at least 4 years and if unused for 6
months(ish) its down to, say, 80% capacity (full charge is 5 leds lit,
after 6 months 4 leds lit before recharge)

That's pretty good isn't it ... however, unless you make sure you do
keep an eye on the chare they can be one of those things that get
neglected and self destruct. ;-(

I think they are much more expensive though.

Around 30?

I was referring to the supercapacitor jobbies. You can 'charge' them
from even your own 'flat' battery (as long as it has 'some' volts)
over a couple of minutes and then release it back to produce enough
current to start the engine (hopefully). ;-)

I think my mate bought his from Halfords but they don't seem to do
them now?

Cheers, T i m