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On 27/04/2021 10:55, T i m wrote:
On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 01:56:16 -0700 (PDT), Tricky Dicky


Regrettably Tim seems to have become the new Harry on this newsgroup.

How so? Harry used to go on about things that advantaged him, what

There was a time where that was true - in the early days at least -
super insulated homes, Feed in Tariffs etc. Some of that was at least
vaguely related to house maintenance and improvement - even if there was
an element of "look what I have managed to screw out of the system".

Over time however the bulk of his commentary moved to posting links to
his own personal pet agenda to cast all Muslims and all those of middle
eastern origin as child molesters or terrorists. That was not a
discussion or chat or banter or even an argument, just a never ending

(direct) advantage is it to me if I ask people to consider aligning
their actions with their morals (unless your morals dictate that you
think it's ok to do anything you like to any animal)?

Everything I've stated is supported by both millions of other people
and all the science so what's your issue, other than your own
ignorance or selfishness of course?

The issue I expect for many is that you have made your point many many
times now, in threads ostensibly about other things. Many people have
given you their considered responses, and now feel its time to move on.

I appreciate that not seeing others experiencing a "road to Damascus"
conversion similar to your own might be disappointing, but that does not
mean that we failed to give consideration to your point or did not hear
your message. Just that in some cases have formed a different opinions.



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