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Default OT: Car battery volt drop

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alan_m wrote:
On 26/04/2021 11:06, Dave Plowman (News) wrote:

After all many cars have told
you about the fuel running low for quite a few years. ;-)

But now it's not just the equivalent of a warning light - it tells you
how many fuel miles you have left in your tank.

Many had a warning light too which came on when the level dropped below a
fixed amount. Just like a screen washer level sensor.

On my current car I've not had to find out after it says the tank is
empty how many fuel miles miles are left in the tank.

On my old car after the gauge said empty and long after the light had
come on I could drive at least another 30 miles.

And your screen washers don't stop working the second the warning comes on
either. Not much point in one which did that.

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